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Posted on September 07, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Hurricane Irma Message

Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida and is expected to make landfall near our South Florida location this weekend.

Our team has contingency plans in place to ensure that iFriends is unaffected by Hurricane Irma.

To keep our employees safe during the storm, we will be operating with limited staff this weekend. Live Chat Support will be available until noon on Saturday, September 9. Our Online Help Form will remain available during the storm.

We extend our thoughts to all members and models in the path of Hurricane Irma.
Please keep safe!

We greatly appreciate your support and patience during this emergency and will inform you once Live Chat Support is operational after the storm.

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Sep 11, 2017
We're doing great and getting back to work! Thank you everyone for the well wishes!


Sep 10, 2017
praying for you guys, try to stay safe !


Sep 10, 2017
Praying for you, guys, and those who's near by..


Sep 09, 2017
I hope you all are good there , you are like a family to many of us that are working here for ...many many years and I wish you safe .


Sep 09, 2017
Stay safe ! Good luck !


Sep 09, 2017
you can see without any dought the world its u side down ,,,,, what can we aspect next ? :( sad,,, Stay safe over there ]3


Sep 09, 2017
You all have my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and remember: lives first, property second. Good luck!


Sep 08, 2017
please stay safe


Sep 08, 2017
Stay safe !


Sep 08, 2017
Stay safe & strong


Sep 07, 2017
Try to stay safe!This is the most important now.


Sep 07, 2017
Thanks Lori!


Sep 07, 2017
Stay safe .. good luck down there .. Irma is looking pretty nasty!
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