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Posted on September 13, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Tip With Your Wallet

We've improved one of our most popular features – the iFriends Videochat Wallet!

You can now use your iFriends wallet funds to tip during live sessions! Yay!!
Q: How does tipping with my wallet work?
Add funds to your wallet at the top of any page or before entering a live session, just look for this wallet icon - Once there's dough in your iFriends wallet, visit a live cam session and tip!
Q: Do I get a wallet discount when I tip?
You get a 10% wallet discount when you fund your wallet. If you pay $27 to fund your wallet, you'll get $30 to use for live sessions or tips.
Q: Is there anything different about tipping with wallet funds?
The only difference is you can use wallet funds to tip during live sessions. Other than that, tipping with your wallet works exactly the same as before - same buttons, same options like tipping anonymously, same tip amounts, etc.
Q: If I tip with my wallet funds, will you charge my credit card?
If you have $10 in your wallet and you tip $10, we'll deduct the funds from your wallet and will not bill your credit card. If you tip $20 but only have $10 in your wallet, we'll deduct $10 from your wallet and charge your credit card $10.
Q: Why should I tip anyway?
Tipping makes FREE sessions much hotter. Tip to get more attention and to show your appreciation. Our models recommend tipping well and often. :)

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