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Posted on February 14, 2018 by iFriends
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We're Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

ATTENTION WEBCAM MODELS: This month, iFriends turns 20! To celebrate, we’re giving away $6,500 in cash prizes!

We’ll calculate your live session revenue from Wednesday, February 14 at 2 PM, EST – Wednesday, March 14th at 2PM, EST and the models who gross the highest amount of collected revenue win!

The following revenue counts towards the contest: Paid sessions, tips, and virtual gifts that you receive in videochat.
The following revenue is omitted from the contest: FanClub Tips, FanClub Virtual Gifts, Phone Sex, Content Purchases, and FanClub membership fees.

Check out the Current Standings.

We’ll announce the winners on March 14th at 5PM EST

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
$5,000 Cash Prize $1,000 Cash Prize $500 Cash Prize
Celebratory Marketing Campaign Celebratory Marketing Campaign Celebratory Marketing Campaign
Posted on December 28, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Unwanted Gift Cards = Cash for Live Chat!

Cash in your store gift cards for live chat!

Do you have a store gift card you don’t want? Cash it in for something fun – live sex chat!

To sweeten the deal, you'll get a 10% wallet discount when you cash in your store gift cards.

Check the Value of Your Card >

Posted on October 04, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Welcome to the Hall of Fame HOT_NY_BEAUTY_

Congratulations to HOT_NY_BEAUTY_ for her induction in the iFriends Hall of Fame!

HOT_NY_BEAUTY_ is a charming and imaginative cam model, who is full of fantasies and surprises. She's loved by her fans for her charm, good looks, and sexy personality. You can find HOT_NY_BEAUTY_ in the fetish cams section, or check out her 5-star FanClub.

"A BIG thank you to everyone who helped me reach iFriends.net Hall of Fame! I am the newest inductee in this TOP and I want to thank you all and each of you in particular for making this possible. I have such great friends here and I am so grateful to know you all. Tons of kisses and all my love to you! Together we created MAGIC!<3<3<3" --HOT_NY_BEAUTY_
HOT_NY_BEAUTY_ has collected a number of viewer-nominated awards, and receives outstanding reviews from members who visit her private shows. We're elated to induct her into the iFriends Hall of Fame! Congrats HOT_NY_BEAUTY_!

Join iFriends for free and get to know HOT_NY_BEAUTY_ in a live show.
Posted on October 02, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Miss iFriends 2018 Winners

All votes are in and we're excited to announce the winners of our Miss iFriends 2018 Contest.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. The contest was a lot of fun and a huge success! We look forward to more great contests and special promotions in the future.

Miss iFriends Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions

Posted on September 13, 2017 by iFriends
Topic: iFriends News

Tip With Your Wallet

We've improved one of our most popular features – the iFriends Videochat Wallet!

You can now use your iFriends wallet funds to tip during live sessions! Yay!!
Q: How does tipping with my wallet work?
Add funds to your wallet at the top of any page or before entering a live session, just look for this wallet icon - Once there's dough in your iFriends wallet, visit a live cam session and tip!
Q: Do I get a wallet discount when I tip?
You get a 10% wallet discount when you fund your wallet. If you pay $27 to fund your wallet, you'll get $30 to use for live sessions or tips.
Q: Is there anything different about tipping with wallet funds?
The only difference is you can use wallet funds to tip during live sessions. Other than that, tipping with your wallet works exactly the same as before - same buttons, same options like tipping anonymously, same tip amounts, etc.
Q: If I tip with my wallet funds, will you charge my credit card?
If you have $10 in your wallet and you tip $10, we'll deduct the funds from your wallet and will not bill your credit card. If you tip $20 but only have $10 in your wallet, we'll deduct $10 from your wallet and charge your credit card $10.
Q: Why should I tip anyway?
Tipping makes FREE sessions much hotter. Tip to get more attention and to show your appreciation. Our models recommend tipping well and often. :)

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