Enhance Your Chat with Audio

Remember silent movies? Neither do we. Webcam shows with sound - any sound, whether it's your voice or music - are now much more popular than silent shows. Read below to learn how audio can enhance the visual experience and take your videochat to the next level!

Elevate the Mood
If you prefer not to speak, we recommend you play music quietly in the background.
video chat music

Music can elevate the mood and elevate your game. You can play anything to communicate your mood and set the pace - it can be romantic, raw, edgy, angry...and it can get a member hooked! Like in life, music in your room can definitely help you 'get it on' (and in this case, score a private show). Music also helps keep the party going so your paid sessions last longer.

We encourage you to play music using your stereo or other external device. Playing music from your computer is not recommended, because the audio won't be clear and your music may sound distorted.

Attract More Customers
There are many ways to be vocal for your fans.
video chat audio

You can provide users sound and express your voice in different ways: Laughter is sexy. There's nothing like a woman (or man) who's open to laughing and is not afraid to let go! Even a soft moan can be worth a thousand (typed) words.

By offering audio, you'll attract and expand your fan base for the majority of members who prefer to hear you.

Connect Emotionally
A spoken "hello" or "thank you" can help you make an emotional connection.
video chat favorites

Members love the intimacy of hearing your voice. You don't need to talk much in your room to improve communication. A simple spoken greeting can mean more to a fan than text or a smiley face.

That's not to say you should avoid typing. Some users prefer text. Using QuickChat shortcuts is also a great way to paste replies to frequently-asked questions in chat. Still, you should offer high-quality audio when possible.

Sound like a Pro
If you use your laptop's built-in webcam, use an external microphone to get better sound quality.
external microphone

For quality reasons, we do not recommend using your laptop's built-in webcam to host. Most laptops have built-in webcams with microphones that aren't ideal for filtering out excess background noise. But if you prefer your laptop's cam, you can plug an external microphone into the microphone jack on your computer to get better sound quality. When using an external microphone, be sure to select it from the "Settings" tab, right above your video window.

For the best webcams that have excellent video and sound, please see our recommended webcams.

Audio is super-easy to use, but if you need help we're here for you! Please contact live tech support, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance. We know our stuff and are pretty friendly, too.

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