Webcam Model Guide to iFriends Payment Types

iFriends not only allows models to set their own pricing, we also allow you to choose how you want to be paid. Best of all, you can change these at any time inside of your ID Card Manager. With our flexible payout plans, you choose the one that works best for you! iFriends gives you the opportunity earn up to 100% of what users spend in your premium chat!

Standard 50% Payment Option

With the iFriends Standard Payment option, you earn 50% of all collected sales you generate. This includes members visiting you in video chat as well as all FanClub memberships, Fanclub renewals, Tips, and Phone Sex calls. Since you set the price for all of these services, your earnings are completely up to you!

Is 50% not enough? Then keep reading because we have great news for you! When you are a Top Performing Star on iFriends, your earnings increase through the Weekly Bonus Program! Or recruit new customers using an exclusive iFriends only Promotional Tool and earn 100% of what your new fans spend with you!

When you opt into the 50% payout option, a 10% reserve is held from your revenues for six months. At the end of that time, that full 10%, minus any refunds or charge-backs associated with those customers, is paid out with your regular weekly commission check.

Guaranteed Payment Option (GPO)

If stressing over declined charges isn't your style, our Guaranteed Payment Option (GPO) is for you! With GPO, you receive 35% of the revenue you generate during your live and replay sessions. iFriends absorbs 100% of all uncollected sales, refunds, and chargebacks. Tips, Phone Sex revenue, FanClub memberships, Virtual Gifts, and micro-billing content sales are not covered under GPO. Only session revenue is part of the GPO program. See the Guide to GPO for more information.

Do you want to generate more than 35%? When you are a Top Performing Star on iFriends, your earnings increase through the Weekly Bonus Program! Or recruit new customers using an exclusive iFriends only Promotional Tool and earn 65% of what your new fans spend with you in your sessions.

100% Payout Program

iFriends offers you the opportunity to earn 100% of the revenue generated from new customers that you refer. For Standard Payout models, you receive 100% of the revenue that your customers spend with you. In addition, you also receive extra revenue when your customers spend money with other models. So you earn money even when your customer visits other iFriends stars!

If you are receiving payments under the Guaranteed Payout Option (GPO), you receive 65% of the video chat revenue from the customers you recruit and extra revenue when your customer spends money with other models. Remember, with GPO, you receive payment regardless of whether iFriends is able to collect payment from the user.

Recruiting new customers to iFriends is easy! Just use your 100% link when you are talking about iFriends, whether that's on Twitter, Facebook, or your own site. We also have banners that you can use on your website or blog to drive your fans and followers to iFriends. Check out the Promote Yourself page for more information about the 100% Payout Program.

Webcam Model Referral Program

You know how much fun it is to model on iFriends, and more importantly, how much money you can make. Share the wealth with your friends and earn money for making the introduction! You can earn extra money if you introduce new webcam models to iFriends via the Webcam Model Referral Link. Once your referral works on iFriends for 120 hours and six weeks, you earn a $100 bonus PLUS, immediately after they sign up, you start receiving 1% of all the collected revenue your recruits make for the life of their account.

Getting started with recruiting new webcam models is easy! Just use the link below to send your friends to iFriends!

Webcam Model Referral Link:

For a referred model to qualify for payout through the Webcam Model Referral program, their sign-up must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide your valid iFriends screenname at sign-up
  • Cannot be a member of your household or significant other
  • May not be a business associate or related entity
  • May not use the same physical facilities as you to host video chat sessions.
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