Live Browse Placement Guidelines

iFriends strongly encourages you to pay very close attention to these guidelines in order to maintain high placement in the Live Browse. By following these guidelines, you help iFriends categorize and display your videochat session based on attributes which are of high importance to videochat consumers.

iFriends mission is to offer its users the best videochat experience possible. We want our users to not only experience high quality live videochat services, but also ease in site navigation, and consistency in search results. For this reason, iFriends systematically and manually monitors all live videochat sessions for video quality and webcam model compliance. Consequently, it is very important to host live sessions with a high quality webcam, have sufficient lighting in your room, and remain in front of the camera.

Content Guidelines - Strive for a 5 Star FanClub
  • Put thought into your FanClub profile and thoroughly populate all sections
  • Upload Photos & Videos frequently
  • Create Memories and Fantasies
  • Make frequent Daily Diary Posts
  • Submit HD Videos
Quality Guidelines - Dazzle Members and Guests in your Live Videochat Sessions
  • Commit to customer service
  • Profile Picture should accurately depict your appearance
  • User retention, frequency in which members visit you more than once and length of sessions
  • New user adoption - are you friendly with new users
  • Chat with guests
  • Stream video and remain in front of the camera
  • Have sufficient lighting and an inviting hosting room
  • Use a high-definition webcam (720p or 1080p)
  • Multiple Sessions (not recommended)  Show More

    iFriends allows multiple sessions each with its own screenname. This allows you to present yourself in multiple areas of the site in order to attract clients with different desires. For example, you can run a room in "Women Home Alone" and another in "Fetish".

    We DO NOT recommend starting many sessions with the idea that having many rooms will get you more exposure; the opposite is true. Research has shown that running fewer, but higher quality sessions results in more traffic and therefore more revenue. Members tend to shy away from webcam models with numerous multiple sessions.

    The system will not allow you to start more sessions than you have bandwidth for. The system will select the best quality settings for each subsequent session you start. You are free to change those settings after the sessions have started. Keep in mind that doing so will likely degrade the quality of your video if you do not have the bandwidth or CPU power to support it.

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