Guide to Session Types

On iFriends, webcam models have the flexibility to host different types of live videochat sessions (Access Plans). This guide will provide you with information about each session type. We encourage you to give each type of session a try to find out the best fit to maximize your revenue!

Standard Plan (Standard)

During Standard Plan sessions, your video is only available uncensored to paying members who are paying the per-minute price you selected when you signed in your session. Guests, and members who are logged into their accounts, can enter your session in Guest Chat mode, but your video will be presented with an overlay. If the user is logged into their account, but accessing your room via guest chat, they are encouraged to enter your regular session to see uncensored video. Guests are also encouraged to join to see more of you. Paying members in your standard session are able to take you private for some one-on-one with you. Standard sessions are the most productive for webcam models who have a strong fan base with a high number of regular videochat customers and FanClub members.

To maximize your success when hosting Standard sessions, we recommend that you chat with both guests and paying members. It's important to keep in mind that every member started out as a guest on iFriends - so you never know when that guest in your room could turn into your biggest fan!

Free to GoPrivate (F2P)

During Free to GoPrivate sessions, both members and guests are able to view your uncensored video and chat with you. While in the free portion of your video, viewers and guests are encouraged to take you private. Once a member selects the "Go Private" option, access to the live video feed becomes blocked to all members other than the member who took you private. At that point, the member begins paying the per-minute rate you selected until the private session has ended. The F2P session is ended either when the member clicks to end the private, leaves your session, or you end your session. When the customer ends the private, your video is automatically available again to guests and members. F2P sessions are engaging to both members and guests, and generally result in a higher amount of traffic when compared to Standard sessions.

F2P sessions are strongly recommended for new webcam models or models who want to increase their fan base. F2P sessions reach a much larger audience and can help you build your fan base. More members and guests will have the opportunity to get to know you. We do recommend that you chat with both members and guests. Additionally, any member who spends time in your F2P session is automatically added to your email notification list, even if they did not take you private, and they receive emails each time you sign into any live session on iFriends.

Free Plan

On iFriends, you are able to host one free 15 minute session every 24 hours. This option can be used as a promotional tool to either reward your loyal fans with a free show, or to build your fan base to reach out to more members. Once your 15 minute free session is done, the session will automatically close, allowing you to sign in with another payment plan.

Free FanClub

Our Free FanClub session allows you to host a free live session that is only available to members of your FanClub.

While some models use this feature as a membership perk for those iFriends customers who have joined their FanClubs, performing for however long that FanClub members ask, others limit these sessions to just 5 or 10 minutes. In all cases, free live videochat sessions offered to FanClub members are a proven method for rewarding - and retaining - your loyal base of recurring FanClub members. It's also a great tool for attracting new FanClub members.

Discount Codes

Using the Discount Code feature, you can offer a special discounted rate to members who have access to the Discount Code you select. Please note, your discount code will automatically be applied to all VIP and Elite members, not just the members who have access to your special code. Many models use this Discount Code feature in conjunction with marketing on social network sites to entice new members to try out their iFriends video chat sessions.

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