Guide to Tumblr

Guide to Tumblr

A great way to spend your down-time when hosting sessions on iFriends is to create and populate a Tumblr photo blog. We have found that our iFriends Tumblr, with minimal effort, is generating qualifying ClickCash sign-ups to iFriends.

Spending a few moments a day on your own Tumblr page is an excellent tool to increase your visibility and to convert your Tumblr followers into ClickCash sign-ups or 100% members!

After creating your account on Tumblr, be sure to flag it as NSFW if you plan on including nudity in your blog from within your blog settings. Another good idea to increase visibility is to allow your Tumblr be indexed by search engines.

After you have chosen a theme for your Tumblr, and have customized it to your unique personality (which includes uploading an engaging Portrait Photo), it is time to create your first post. From your dashboard, choose the Photo icon.

While you can choose an array of post types, Tumblr's bread and butter are images that become "liked". Those who like your content are likely to "reblog" it to their own blogs, which in turn increases visibility and exposure of your ClickCash referral or 100% member links.

Browse your PC, or input the URL, of your image of choice. Include a brief description of your photo, or a short, engaging caption. Include your personalized ClickCash or 100% link in the field below the caption. This ensures that users that click on your images will be directed to the site of your choosing. We recommend linking followers to your FanClub! If you are live, users will be exposed to your live session.

It is also important to list the source of your content as "" or your direct FanClub URL. Additionally, tagging your posts will direct Tumblr users to your content if they search for one of the tags you are using for your pics.

We choose to hide our tags from within our theme settings. Hiding your tags will not omit them from being searchable; it is simply a personal preference that provides a cleaner feel when viewing your blog page.

See image below for an example of posting a photo:

Under the "tags" box, you will see the option to set a custom post URL. Assigning a custom post URL will enable the post to be picked up by search engines and direct searchers to the content that fits their search.

For example, if you are posting a picture of "big boobs", it is good to include a tag that says "big boobs" and perhaps make your custom post URL: "big boobs". It will automatically place dashes (-) where your spaces are. Search engines will read these dashes as a space and direct the searcher accordingly.

After populating your blog so that it is not empty, do some searches of your own and add like-minded followers, or those who blog about similar things. They will in turn follow you back which will result in more "reblogs" of your content.

As an added feature, you can ensure that all of your Tumblr posts are also posted simultaneously to your Twitter and Facebook accounts! This will let your fans on those other social networking sites know about your Tumblr page, and may result in added exposure and increased Tumblr followers.

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