Guide to Twitter for iFriends Models

Getting started with Twitter: After creating your Twitter account follow @iFriends, other webcam models, your fans, and other feeds that interest you. Twitter will recommend you follow 5 feeds when you first create your account. Twitter will also assign you a generic profile image, and nobody wants to follow one of those! Upload your own sexy profile picture to Twitter but avoid nudity.

Link Twitter to your model screenname.
Let iFriends automatically tweet your online status.
automatic tweeting

Let your followers know when you're live on iFriends and ready to chat! Just check "Tweet my online status when I login a session" and then enter your Twitter username and password and we'll automatically tweet your online status.

Update information in your FanClub Settings to connect your Twitter account to your FanClub. Check the automatic tweet option under the Phone Sex section of your FanClub Settings and iFriends will automatically tweet when you're available for phone sex. When you add your Twitter account to your FanClub Settings, your FanClub members will be able to follow you!

BONUS: Your 100% link is included in tweets from iFriends when: you start a session, are available for phone sex, make a wall post, and upload new FanClub content.

You set up a Twitter, so now what?
Now that you have a Twitter account, it's time to start tweeting!
start tweeting

Your automatic tweets are convenient, but they should be supplemental to the awesome things you have to say. You have to be cute and clever in 140 characters (no pressure!), so pack a lot of information into a small package when you write your tweets.

There's more to you than being an iFriends model, so let your followers know! In addition to tweeting what you like doing during your iFriends shows, also let your followers know your interests, hobbies, favorite sports teams, movies, music, etc. Making your tweets personal opens up a whole new level of engagement. To your followers you go from just being a cam model to being a cam model who also shares similar interests.

PRO TIP: Post lots of pictures or videos to your Twitter feed! Look for the media icon when composing your tweet to include an image or video. Tweets with eye candy get more clicks and follows, and also increase your chance of being retweeted!

What's with the #? Hashtag Basics.
# is a hashtag and you should use them in your tweets.

When # is used in front of a word in your tweet, the word turns into a link, creating a tag for your tweet! For example, if you tweet #lingerie, when someone clicks on #lingerie they'll see your tweet and other tweets using #lingerie.

Hashtags are essential in attracting new followers because they put your tweets in front of people who aren't following you…yet. Be current with your hashtags by finding out what's trending. Avoid using the same hashtags in all of your tweets to maximize your Twitter exposure.

FACT: Hashtag cramming is not sexy. Don't overuse hashtags in your tweets because it looks like you're just pandering for attention. Aim to limit your hashtags to 3 per tweet and avoid irrelevant hashtags.

Tweets - A Two-Way Street!
Get chatty with your Twitter followers and bring in more 100% fans.
two way

Increase engagement with your followers by giving them a chance to interact with you. Ask them questions to strike up a conversation or create a poll. Reply to their tweets too. When you give your followers a chance to chat directly with you, they'll see that you're friendly and approachable. This is important, especially for those shy guys who might not be the one to flirt first. You'll get more fans and 100% members if you show your followers that you want to get to know them!

BE SOCIAL: Flirt with other iFriends models on Twitter! Model-to-model flirting is super hot, and your followers will like it!

Spam - great to eat, not great to tweet!
Avoid flooding your Twitter followers with unwanted and irrelevant tweets.

One of the biggest Twitter no-nos is setting up an account and then tweeting spam. Avoid over promoting your 100% link. Be careful not to overstuff your tweets with hashtags. In addition to your automated tweets from iFriends also write your own unique tweets. Inundating your twitter feed with 100% links and automated tweets may get your account suspended.

A better strategy is to show your followers that you're a real person, with sexy, interesting, and funny things to say!

EXTRA CREDIT: In addition to tweeting about your sexy webcam activity, also tweet about your interests outside of iFriends. This will attract new followers who may share your other interests too!

If you haven't already, it's worth your while to create a Twitter account. If you have any questions, please ask us!

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