Light Yourself Like a Pro

Putting your best face forward is crucial to your success as a webcam model. Proper lighting will help you make a great impression – and you don't have to be a camera expert to do it right!

Follow these tips on the proper use of light to help you shine during your next live show.

Multiple Lights
Use at least four lights for the perfect look.
Lighting Guide
Position of light sources:
  • The 1st light should be adjusted so that it's not quite on your face. Raise it so that it flatters your features.
  • The 2nd light, weaker light, should be positioned on the opposite side to fill shadows.
  • The 3rd light should be above your head to highlight your hair.
  • Light your background using the 4th light.
PRO TIP: Place a sheet of white paper on the surface in front of you to reflect light. This will prevent you from looking washed out from the screen glow.
Use one LED light.
Lighting Guide

We recommend that you use one light that is a variable intensity LED light panel, with rechargeable batteries.

PRO TIP: Mount your LED light on an old camera tripod, so that you can position the light next to your webcam, above your screen.
Use Natural Light
Make the most of a window.
external microphone

If you have a window in your hosting room, take advantage of the natural light. Turns your computer so that you are facing the window. Use sheers on the window if it's bright out, so that the sun isn't in your eyes.

PRO TIP: Never host a session with a window behind you. Instead, turn your work station around so that you are facing the window!

Room lighting is super-easy to set up, but if you have questions, we're here for you! Please contact live chat support, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance. We know our stuff and are pretty friendly, too.

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