About Videochat

Overview of Model Videochat
  1. 1.Settings
    Adjust your camera and microphone settings.
  2. 2.Audio
    Mute and unmute video output.
  3. 3.Pause session
    Pause and resume video. When paused, your session is not accessible.
  4. 4.Restart
    Restart your video.
  5. 5.Reduce
    Reduce the video player window.
  6. 6.Enlarge
    Enlarge the video player window.
  7. 7.Announce
    Blast your email lists and social network followers to promote your videochat.
  8. 8.Capture
    Record and save live video and photo snapshots.
  9. 9.Talk Live
    Review toll-free calling instructions to connect with members in premium videochat.
  10. 10.Privates
    View the current status of a private session, and release private sessions.
  11. 11.Kicks
    Ban users that you feel are being inappropriate in your videochat.
  12. 12.Sounds
    Manage and mute sounds for videochat events.
  13. 13.Cam2Cam
    View members who are sharing their webcam feed with you.
  14. 14.Real-Time Stats
    Review an activity report of your current videochat.
  15. 15.End Session
    Close your videochat and return to the Model Control Center.
  16. 16.Message
    Enter your current message to users.
  17. 17.Access Status
    View whether your videochat is Public, marked as green.
  18. 18.Reconnect Chat
    Reconnect to the chat server.
  19. 19.Clear Chat
    Erase the text in the chat window.
  20. 20.Copy Message
    Copy chat to clipboard.
  21. 21.Font Size
    Adjust the size of text in chat.
  22. 22.Resize Chat
    Enlarge or reduce the chat window height.
  23. 23.QuickChat
    Paste a phrase into chat using shortcut keys.
  24. 24.Emojis
    Send images and emoticons in your messages.
  25. 25.Send
    Send your current message to the chat window.
  26. 26.Chat
    Your real-time chat with users appears in this window.
  27. 27.Guest
    View users in your current videochat who enter as guests.
  28. 28.Hot Prospects
    View members in your current videochat who enter as guests.
  29. 29.Members
    View users in your current videochat who enter as members.
  30. 30.Private Message
    Create a new private message to send to a user.
  31. 31.Private Invitation
    Invite users to join you in a private videochat.
  32. 32.User Info
    Review user's details, including join date, geolocation, and previous notes.
  33. Additional Videochat Commands
  34. CTRL+ALT+0
    Bring up the QuickChat module.
  35. If you are experiencing any issues connecting to videochat, please Restart Video, Reconnect Chat, or Contact Us for live support.
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