Webcam Model Secrets

Webcam modeling is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in working from home, setting their own hours, and earning lots of money! If you're confident and comfortable with your sexuality, you can earn an impressive income as a webcam model.

We have tips and tricks that can help you whether you are completely new to the webcam modeling industry or a seasoned veteran.

Create an online personality that sets you apart from the crowd.

Your unique persona should highlight your special talents, physical attributes, and personality. The information you submit in your FanClub profile should be in the voice of the "online you". In reality you might be an ordinary yoga instructor or a stay-at-home mom - but on iFriends you're a star, and you get to define who you are!

Take some sexy snaps!

Get out your camera and take sexy teaser photos for your FanClub. Once the photos are uploaded to your FanClub, save them in your Profile Library. Your profile picture is the most important element of attracting customers into your live videochat room, so make sure it's a good one!

Host Free2Private Sessions

Free2Private sessions are a great way to introduce yourself to the iFriends community. You'll meet the most number of members during F2P sessions and they will have an opportunity to get to know you too!

Build a 5-Star FanClub
  • Populate EVERY FanClub feature
  • Content is king...offer hundreds of videos and images and keep the content fresh
  • Send out Daily Diary emails
  • Host free FanClub sessions every week
  • Make daily FanClub Wall posts
Invest in a High Definition webcam

Crystal clear High Definition webcams are now available for well under $100. Treat yourself and your fans in order to reap the rewards of broadcasting a high quality video.

Get featured in the Monthly Newsletter

Let us feature you in the Teasers & Pleasers Member Newsletter. For more information about how to get featured, send your pictures and questions to us at messages [at] promopics [dot] ifnemail [dot] com.

Build strong relationships with your fans

The ultimate goal is to have a stream of regular customers. In order to develop a solid customer base, you have to build strong relationships with the members who visit your session. Use the notes tool to take notes about the members who visit you. The next time they visit your session you will be able to access the notes to remember them. Cam2Cam is another great way to build stronger relationships. Don't forget to ask your members if they have a webcam too so you can start some hot two-way webcam action. These personal touches will make your fans feel special, and in exchange they will return to your live videochat sessions.

Promote yourself

Take advantage of the promotional tools that iFriends offers. Network with users through social media - create a Twitter account. Visit our Guide to Twitter to get started.

Advertise offline

So you're a big deal on iFriends, but you haven't made a name for yourself in the adult industry. If you have a sizable fan base and are generating thousands of dollars per week, it's time for you to take it to the next level. Get known in the industry by networking with others at adult conferences. You can browse the conferences as a guest and meet new people, or go all out with your own booth. Attending adult shows and conferences is a great way to make a name for yourself in the industry.

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