Guide to hosting HD/HQ sessions on iFriends

iFriends Host Live Sessions on iFriends using EasyCam Plus!

Why call it EasyCam Plus? Simple...because it's so easy to use, you are not even required to run separate webcam software to achieve a stunning HD video feed and high quality sound!

This comprehensive guide gives you the details you need to host live sessions using iFriends own proprietary EasyCam Plus. From starting your session to fixing choppy video, this guide will provide you with the information to be an EasyCam Plus expert!

What's so great about EasyCam Plus?
  • Stunning HD quality video.
  • Optimal utilization of bandwidth and CPU using minimal resources for fluid and clear video stream.
  • Automatically optimizes your video for your bandwidth and environment.
  • Full utilization of the embedded Flash Media Encoder present in Flash Player 11 and later.
What you need:
  • Webcam (see our recommendations).
  • Internet connection. Minimal bandwidth delivers good quality video, 1 mbps or more upload bandwidth per session is required to run "Premium" HD sessions. See Video Quality descriptions below.
  • Flash-enabled Internet browser (Adobe Flash Player 11 or higher)
  • A PC capable of running the quality of session you want. A modest machine with an Intel Core CPU will suffice -- just about any machine produced in the last 5 or so years will do this -- but for best video quality you will need a much more powerful machine such as one with an Intel I7 Quad 3+ gHz. The more powerful the machine and the more upload bandwidth you have, the better you will look and the more money you will make.

Getting started is the easy part! EasyCam Plus is the default hosting method on iFriends. When you select the option to start a live session, you won't need to download software!

EasyCam Plus is also smart. When you sign into a live session, EasyCam Plus will automatically check your bandwidth and optimize your video for your environment

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