Contact Webcam Model Support

The following contact options are for iFriends Webcam Models only. If you are a viewer/Member and want to reach us, please see our Contact Customer Care page.

Models, you can reach us...

By Phone: 1-561-963-5842
  • Option 1: Technical Support
  • Option 2: Documentation Support (Age and Identity Verification)
  • Option 3: All other Webcam Model Support questions (Stats, Payments, etc.)
  • Documentation Support (Age/Identity-Documentation issues)
    For registered iFriends Webcam Models only. Got a question or issue relating to our Webcam Model age-documentation process? Email our Age-Documentation Team! (remember to include your screename)
  • Technical Support (Tough Techie Problems)
    For registered iFriends Webcam Models only. Our Technical Support department is very busy keeping the trains running on time, but when we stop to catch our breath, we love to help models deal with their own technical headaches. Email us here! (Note -- if you have a specific problem, be sure to provide a detailed explanation of the problem, and tell us all about your PC environment, your ISP, etc, ... and don't forget your screenname!).
  • General Webcam Model Support (General Help for Webcam Models)
    For registered iFriends Webcam Models only. Have a general help question that you need answered? Email our support staff for help with your problem, please be sure to include your screenname.
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