Success Showcase

The advantages to hosting on iFriends are many – including making new friends from all over the world and making big money – but we’ve got a new feature designed to give a little special recognition to our hardest-working webcam models.

How it works:

Effective immediately, the top 20 performers on iFriends earn weekly bonuses – an added percentage of income for the next week for your regular or Guaranteed Payout sessions!

How the bonuses are distributed:

The 20 performers who gross the highest amount of video chat sales will receive an increase to their base payout as follows:

Rank Base Payout Increase*
First Place 10%
2 7%
3 5%
4 - 10 3%
11 - 20 2%
*This percentage indicates the amount of increase to your existing base payout. For example, if the first place webcam model has a base payout of 50%, he or she will receive a base payout of 60% on his or her next week’s payout.

The more you host, the more likely you are to cash in! Check the Success Showcase today to see if you’re in the running.

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