FAQ: Proving Your Age on iFriends

Questions About the 18+ iFriends ID-Card:
What is an iFriends ID-Card? (view answer)
On iFriends, you have the flexibility to have multiple screennames. An ID-Card allows you to manage all of your account settings in one place. From the ID-Card Manager, you can create new screennames, submit the Age Documentation System, edit your privacy settings, update payment information, and much, much more!
How do I create my ID-Card? (view answer)
To create your ID-Card, fill out this web-form.
I created my ID-Card, what do I do next? (view answer)
Now that you have an ID-Card, the next step is to get it approved so that you can host live sessions with your webcam model screenname. Before you can host live videochat sessions on iFriends, you must complete an Age Documentation System (ADS), which the iFriends' documentation staff will review upon receipt. To complete your ADS, select the "ADS" option in your ID-Card Manager.
How do I edit/manage my ID-Card? (view answer)
Go to the ID-Card Manager or select the "ID-Card Manager" option from within the Webcam Model Console.
What is a Webcam Model Representative? (view answer)
A Webcam Model Representative is a person or company who receives payments on behalf of one or more webcam models. Because Webcam Model Representatives have special obligations with iFriends, they must enter into a separate agreement and complete a Webcam Model Representative Documentation Package. This package can be submitted through the Representative ID-Card Manager and includes the Webcam Model Representative Usage and Distribution Services Agreement along with clear color copies of two forms of ID. Webcam Model Representatives are not required to complete an Age Documentation System.
Where is the Webcam Model Representative log-in link to the ID-Card Manager? (view answer)
Webcam Model Representatives and individual webcam models have a universal access page for the ID-Card Manager.
Do I need to use a Webcam Model Representative to host on iFriends? (view answer)
No. iFriends does not require you to use a Webcam Model Representative. You can be your own boss and iFriends will pay you directly for your revenue. If you are linked to a Webcam Model Representative, you can request to be unlinked at any time. NOTE: iFriends does not honor any special arrangements between you and your Webcam Model Representative.
Questions About Supporting your ID-Card with the "ADS" (Age Documentation System):
Is it required that I complete an Age Documentation System (ADS)? (view answer)
Yes. Everyone must successfully complete an Age Documentation System (ADS) in order to host live videochat sessions on iFriends.
Can anyone view my Age Documentation System? (view answer)
Absolutely Not. Your Age Documentation System is only visible to you and iFriends staff. None of the iFriends users can see this confidential information or view any images you submit to us during the process.
What happens to the images submitted for the Age Documentation System? (view answer)
The images you submit to us are reviewed by iFriends staff. If our staff determines that the images are of good quality and help identify and prove that you are of legal age, then you will be approved. If the images are such that we cannot discern your identity clearly, or they do not match other identification we have on file for you, they will be rejected.

(Note: These images are NOT archive images and are only available to iFriends staff.)
Questions About Participants:
What is a participant? (view answer)
A participant is one single individual who participates under a given screenname. Each participant has a name they go by, like a character's name in a movie. It is the name you want your fans to call you. For example, if your screenname is LOVELY_LINDA, your participant name is likely to be "Linda". It is vital that the first participant linked your screenname is the primary person who will be using the account. So if your boyfriend occasionally makes an appearance on iFriends under your screenname, your ID-Card should be linked as participant one, and his ID-Card should be linked as participant two. The physical attributes submitted for the participant should be accurate because this is the information used in search engines which enable customers to find you. If you have blue eyes, your handle should reflect your true eye color.
How many participants can be linked to a screenname? (view answer)
A screenname can contain up to four participants via four unique ID-Cards linked to them. Each ID-Card linked to the screenname must go through the exact same process to get approved to appear in live sessions on iFriends.
Can I change the information for a participant? (view answer)
Did you change your hair color or get a new tattoo? You can change your physical attributes by logging into your ID-Card Manager and clicking on your participant name. The only aspect of your participant info that cannot be changed is the individual ID-Card linked to it. Once an ID-Card is linked to a participant, it cannot be removed.
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