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A Brief History: Launched on Valentine's Day, 1998, iFriends was the answer to limitations perceived in video-conferencing software of the time, such as Netmeeting and CU-SeeMe. iFriends.net is, in fact, an abbreviated form of "Intimate Friends Network."

As an early adopter of videochat technology, iFriends allowed webcam enthusiasts to form online chat communities around virtually any topic, with the 'Adults Only' area of the website going from burgeoning to booming. The cybersex evolution that quickly followed continues today, as iFriends marks years. Take a tour of iFriends' historic milestones -- from inception to present day -- with the years in review:

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Date Milestone
1998 Valentine's Day WebPower, Inc. Launches iFriends
1999 iFriends Releases Software Allowing Viewers To HEAR Webcam Model's Audio.
1999 iFriends Introduces "CyberDildonics", An Early Form Of Haptic Technology, Delivering One-on-One Remote-Control Sextoys Between Models and Members.
2001 iFriends Debuts New Technology For Zooming and Full-Screen Webcam Feeds.
2001 iFriends Releases Sophisticated Cam2Cam System Allowing Webcam Models To Watch Members.
2004 iFriends Becomes The World's First and Only Webcam Service To Offer Models 100% Videochat Payouts.
2004 iFriends Introduces Their All New FanClubs Platform Allowing Anyone To Create a Fully-Featured Adult Membership Site.
2004 iFriends Unveils Their Revolutionary HD Plus, Making It Possible For Anyone To Publish High Definition Video Over The Web.
2004 iFriends Releases New 3D Video Streaming Technology For Immersive Webcam Experiences.
2004 iFriends Debuts New Toll-Free Call Forwarding Feature Allowing Members To Privately Call Webcam Models Over The Phone.
2004 iFriends Launches New Multi-Angle Webcam Platform Allowing Members To See Webcam Models From Up To 4 Different Angles.
2005 iFriends Introduces Their Love & Health Guide…a Panel of Experts Answering Members' Questions, and Discussing All Aspects of Healthy Sexuality.
2008 More Than 2,000 Webcam Models Have Uploaded HD Videos To HD Plus, Which Now Houses Over 40,000 Homemade HD Movies. One of the Largest HD Archives On Planet Earth!
2008 iFriends Servers House a Mind-Blowing Amount Of Free Adults-Only Content -- Over 12 Million Videos and More Than 89 Million Pictures!
2008 Valentine's Day On Their 10th Anniversary, WebPower Launches iFriends Version 2 -- a Herculean Overhaul To Their Famous Webcam, HD, FanClub, Movie, and Picture Portal -- Which Provides Users with An Immersive Experience Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen.
2008 Dozens of iFriends Models Spontaneously Organize the First Ever 24-Hour Adult Webcam Marathon…a Fun-Filled Event Showcasing Their Endurance With Twenty-Four (24) Hours of Live, Uninterrupted Video Chat To Celebrate Members.
2009 iFriends is Honored Among Website Owners Inducted Into the AVN Awards 'Internet Founders' Hall of Fame.
2010 WebPower Launches iFriends Version 3 -- Unveiling a Flurry of Powerful New Features and Site Enhancements Comprising Higher-Quality Webcam Video Streaming, Cams Roulette, Discussion Walls, Site Speed and Navigational Improvements.
2011 iFriends Debuts SuperCam, an HD Video Chat Software Using Advanced Video Streaming Technology To Create True High Definition Video With CD Quality Stereo Sound.
2011 iFriends Invades Times Square as a Jumbotron Inaugurates The Launch Of iFriends.xxx -- The First High-Profile .XXX Site In The World!
2011 iFriends Launches HD Plus, An Unlimited HD-Video Subscription Service, Allowing Members To Watch Participants In Prerecorded High-Def Videos Before Seamlessly Joining Them In Live Videochat.
2012 iFriends Unveils Off-Platform Tip Button Technology Allowing Models To Accept Tips From Anyone (and From Any Website) On The Net.
2012 iFriends Introduces Microbilling, Allowing Users To Buy Adult Videos Individually.
2012 iFriends Mobile Debuts Across Android and Apple Smartphone and Tablet Devices.
2012 iFriends Releases Remote Webcam Software Allowing Models To Transmit and Display Their iFriends Webcam Feed Onto Any Personal Website In The World.
2013 iFriends Launches The iFriendsHD Streaming TV Channel On Roku Entertainment Devices.
2013 iFriends Debuts My Dashboard -- a Robust and Dynamic Tool To Personalize The iFriends Experience Based On a Member's Preferences.
2013 iFriends Introduces Monthly Appreciation Shows For Members To Enjoy Videochat With The Most Popular Models -- At No Expense.
2013 iFriends Releases The Nudge Gesture For Members To Attract a Model's Attention Twenty-Four (24) Hours a Day, Even When The Model is Offline.
2014 iFriends Launches the Activity Feed -- Providing Members Up-To-the-Minute Updates On The Most Interesting and Recent Happening On The Site, Right Now!
2014 iFriends Debuts Activity Badges, Allowing Members To Show Off Their Achievements, Express Their Personality, and Share With The World!
2014 iFriends Awards Over $15,000 in Cash To Grand Prize Finalists Of The Web's Hottest Video and Photo Contests!
2015 iFriends Celebrates 17 Years Of Videochat With a New Live Videochat Interface, Over 13.6 Million Registered Members, and More Than a Half-Million Models Hailing From Over 100 Countries.
2016 iFriends Debuts a Modern Look and Feel, Making the Site Faster and Compatible On More Devices.
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