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iFriends is super-easy to use, but if you need help, you should be able to talk to a human. Our Customer Service team is here for you!

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Worldwide Toll-Free Customer Service

Would you rather give us a call? We're here to help!

U.S. and Canada: 1-800-iFriends (1-800-437-4363)

Toll-free numbers, by country:

To call any international toll-free number below, please dial the number exactly as shown.It is not necessary to dial out of the country or dial any additional numbers.

Country: Telephone Number:Dialing Sequence:
ArgentinaArgentina 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
AustraliaAustralia 0011-800-iFriends 0011-800-4374-3637
BelgiumBelgium 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
BelgiumBrazil 0021-800-iFriends 0021-800-4374-3637
ChinaChina 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
DenmarkDenmark 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
EnglandEngland 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
FinlandFinland 990-800-iFriends 990-800-4374-3637
FranceFrance 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
GermanyGermany 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
Great BritainGreat Britain 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
Hong KongHong Kong 001-800-iFriends 001-800-4374-3637
HungaryHungary 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
IrelandIreland 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
IsraelIsrael 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
ItalyItaly 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
JapanJapan 001-800-iFriends 001-800-4374-3637
Korea (South)Korea (South) 002-800-iFriends 002-800-4374-3637
LuxembourgLuxembourg 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
MalaysiaMalaysia 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
NetherlandsNetherlands 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
New ZealandNew Zealand 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
NorwayNorway 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
PhilippinesPhilippines 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
PortugalPortugal 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
SingaporeSingapore 001-800-iFriends 001-800-4374-3637
South AfricaSouth Africa 09-800-iFriends 09-800-4374-3637
South KoreaSouth Korea 002-800-iFriends 002-800-4374-3637
SpainSpain 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
SwedenSweden 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
SwitzerlandSwitzerland 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
TaiwanTaiwan 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
ThailandThailand 001-800-iFriends 001-800-4374-3637
United KingdomUnited Kingdom 00-800-iFriends 00-800-4374-3637
Customers in other countries: Please contact help @ iFriends

Customer Service Contacts
  • ClubVIP / ClubElite Concierge(ClubVIP or ClubElite Members Only)
    If you're a iFriends ClubVIP or ClubElite Member, visit the Concierge for your list of VIP-only contact information, including private email addresses and toll-free telephone numbers.
  • Forget your Login or Password?
    If you're a registered iFriends member, having trouble using your login and password, you can use our handy, on-line username and password retrieval feature. Simply click here and complete the form, and your username and password will be emailed to you. If you experienced any problems using the on-line feature, you can contact Login Support. Note: To help protect us from sending a login/password to an unauthorized party, please include proof that you are who you say you are. For example, include everything you can remember about your account registration, especially your first and last name, the first 10 digits or so of your credit-card number, your email address, your postal address, and your best guess as to what you remember your login and password to be.
  • Preferred Customer Agreement
    Are you awaiting confirmation on your Preferred Customer Agreement, or have related questions?
  • General Help for Registered Members
    If you're a registered iFriends member (not a webcam model), contact us through this link for general questions.
  • Cancel a Subscription or Close Your Account
    Do you want to cancel a subscription such as a FanClub or Elite upgrade or close your iFriends account? Visit the Instant Cancellation Page to update your account. You can also send cancellation instructions to Customer Service using the Online Contact Form. When filling out your cancellation request, please submit as much information as possible, including your screenname, password, full name, email address, and first 12 digits of the credit-card number used to activate the account.
  • iFriends Feedback  (Suggestion Box)
    Have a suggestion for iFriends? Contact us here to send us important feedback. (80% of all features on iFriends are the direct result of webcam model and customer suggestions)
  • SPAM/UCE or other abuse
    Have a problem with someone on iFriends sending you unwanted email or messages, or experiencing other issues? Report it here. Be sure to include the full text of any unwanted messages, complete with headers.
Webcam Model Contacts
  • Age-documentation issues
    For registered iFriends webcam models only. Got a question or issue relating to our age-documentation process? Contact our Age-Documentation Team! (remember to include your webcam model screename)
  • Tech Support
    For registered iFriends webcam models only. Our Technical Support department is very busy keeping the trains running on time, but when we stop to catch our breath, we love to help webcam models deal with their own technical headaches. Contact us here! (Note -- if you have a specific problem, be sure to provide a detailed explanation of the problem, and tell us all about your PC environment, your ISP, etc, ... and don't forget your webcam model screenname!).
  • General Help for Webcam Models
    For registered iFriends webcam models only. Have a general help question that you need answered? Contact our support staff for help with your problem, please be sure to include your screenname.
  • iFriends Feedback  (Suggestion Box)
    Have a suggestion for iFriends? Email here to send us important feedback. (80% of all features on iFriends are the direct result of webcam model and customer suggestions)
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