Make-A-Date Resources

iFriends is a great place to find the webcam model of your dreams. But what if your ideal model isn't online right now? Answer: Use the model's Make-A-Date date book and schedule a private, one-on-one videochat date! Here's everything you need to know:

  • Terms & Conditions
    Rules, rules, rules. At least these are easy to read! Click this link for a brief discussion of the obligations of both webcam models and viewers.

  • Manage Your Appointment Book
    (For webcam models only) Configure default schedules, customize individual days and times, preview your date book, and review upcoming dates.

  • Cancel Your Date
    Did you both have technical trouble once your private session started? Or was someone a no-show? If both model and viewer agree, you can cancel the private session right here, and prevent anybody from being unfairly charged. (Note: Cancellation takes effect only if BOTH parties cancel the date).

  • Frequently-Asked Questions
    Everything else you might want to know about Make-A-Date private webcam dates.

  • Preferred Customer Agreement
    (For Viewers Only) Do you spend a lot of time on iFriends? Or perhaps you've tried making a "Make-A-Date" date but can't attend because your account has had "heavy use"? Print, sign and fax this agreement to us for no-hassles, unrestrained use of your account!

  • Report Bugs
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