100% Transparent Billing Policy

iFriends 100% Transparent Billing Policy to ensure our billing terms are clear and conspicuous.
  • Videochat and Phone Sex Sessions
    Standard and Replay: You're charged the per minute (or per hour) rate as soon as you enter a standard or replay session. The price per minute displays on the page before you enter the session.

    Free to GoPrivate: You're charged a per minute rate only if you select the "Go Private" option. The price per minute displays on a pop-up before the private session starts. Free to GoPrivate sessions are free until you select the GoPrivate option.

    Phone Sex: You're charged a per minute rate when you connect with the model over the phone. The per minute rate displays along with the model's phone number to dial. If the model's voicemail picks up you are not charged for the call. Learn more about Phone Sex.

    Make-A-Date: You're charged the price shown when you select the duration (15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes) of the session at the time of booking. If the model does not show up for your Date, you will receive an iFriends credit to use in a session with any model. Learn more about Make-A-Date.
  • ClubVIP/Elite, HD Plus, and FanClub Memberships
    VIP and Elite: You pay the price per month shown during registration for any membership package you select. The packages include:
    HD Plus: You're charged $1.99 a month to enjoy unlimited access to thousands of HD video clips, at no extra charge. The service provides you unlimited access to thousands of HD video clips, at no additional charge.

    FanClubs: You're charged the subscription fee ranging from $14.99 to $29.99 a month. FanClub Lite subscriptions are $9.99 a month. The fees display when you join a FanClub and bill one month from the date you join. To qualify for a free FanClub membership you have to spend the subscription amount in a paid session with that model. Learn more about FanClubs.
  • Tipping, Virtual Gifts, and Wish Lists
    Tipping: You're charged the tip amount that you select from a menu or a specified amount that you type in.

    Virtual Gifts: You're charged the amount of the gift that you select from the Virtual Gifts gallery.

    Wish List Orders: You're charged for the price of the item you select from the model's Wish List plus shipping costs.
  • Wallet
    Wallet Packages: You're charged the amount you select to fund your wallet. You can use your Wallet for live videochat or tips only. Virtual gifts and other transactions are not billed to the Wallet. Learn more about Wallet.
  • Purchased Media
    Purchased Media: You're charged the fee displayed to unlock the content. You have unlimited access to unlocked content. Learn more about Purchased Media.
  • Join Authorization
    Join Authorization: When you register using a credit card or prepaid card, a small test authorization charge may be processed on your card. This is done to protect against identity fraud and to validate your registration information. It will be fully credited and refunded to you on any purchase made on our service. Alternatively, you may contact us by phone or live support at any time and receive an immediate refund.

Understanding Discounts

  • ClubVIP/Elite
    ClubVIP/Elite: As a member you earn,
    • Up to 50% off Make-a-Date sessions.
    • Automatically receive discounts on sessions with a "Discount Plan" without entering the discount code.
    • VIP points can be used for every paid session, for a 50% savings after the first 10 minutes. Learn more about VIP Points.
  • FanClubs
    FanClubs: As a FanClub member, you receive up to a 25% discount with that model and their "Sexy Friends." Learn more about FanClubs.
  • Special Offers
    Special Offers: Earn free videochat wallet credits redeemable according to the terms of special email promotions.
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