Employment Opportunities

iFriends wants you!

Got talent for miles? The need to succeed? Boundless energy and far-sighted vision? If you're a superstar, we'll make room for you!

Both full and part-time positions are available, on both a work-at-home basis or in one of our several offices.

Available Positions:
    • Copywriters: Got a talent for snappy, creative, action-oriented writing?
    • Translators: Fluent in a language popular with the stars and customers of iFriends? Quick on the keyboard?
    • HTML / Web Design: Do you impress others with your eye-popping, jaw-dropping artistry?
    • Flash: Can you make a web browser sing, dance and do backflips?
    • Scripting / Logic / Programming: Got a knack for reducing complex concepts to their core-truth essentials? Are you both a builder and re-user?

Want a gig? Strut your stuff and get our attention: Send URL examples of your best work on this Contact Form

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