iFriends FanClub Billing & Payments FAQ

This is a special FAQ created for webcam models who have questions about billing and payments for their FanClubs. This information is valid for both full FanClubs and FanClub Lite.

What happens when a FanClub member cancels his membership? (view answer)
If a FanClub member cancels his membership, his access to your FanClub remains available to him until the next monthly anniversary renewal date. All non-financial benefits of FanClub membership continue until that time. Certain financial benefits cease, such as access to Free FanClub-member-only live shows, or FanClub-member-only discounts to live shows. If a FanClub member cancels his membership within the week that he joined, you will not receive payment for the FanClub membership and his access to your FanClub is immediately revoked.
How is my FanClub free to members? Do I still get paid for these free memberships? (view answer)
Your FanClub membership is free for your videochat regulars. If your FanClub membership fee is $20/month, we will waive the monthly membership fee for all FanClub members who spend a minimum of $20/month in your live videochat. If a FanClub member does not spend $20 in your live videochat, he will be billed the monthly membership fee of $20. You will always receive payment for active FanClub members.
A FanClub payment reimbursement was deducted from one of my live sessions, why? (view answer)
iFriends pays you for FanClub memberships the same week the member joins, and each month on the member's renewal date. iFriends receives payment from the customer either when the member visits you in a live videochat session or if the customer is billed 30 days after joining. In cases where a FanClub payment reimbursement is deducted from one of your live sessions, it is to reimburse iFriends for a FanClub membership fee that you were already paid for.

Keep in mind, when iFriends is unable to collect payment for the FanClub membership fee, we completely absorb this loss once you have received payment for the membership. We do not deduct uncollected FanClub revenue that was paid out to you from your reserve account or weekly earnings.
Is there ever a circumstance where I am not paid for a FanClub membership fee? (view answer)
Under most circumstances, you are paid for FanClub revenue when the FanClub member initially joins your FanClub, and again when the FanClub membership renews. The only circumstance in which you will not be paid for a FanClub membership is when the member cancels his membership within the week he joins.
When FanClub members get a refund of the FC membership, what happens to me? (view answer)
When FanClub members simply cancel their memberships, nothing. But if a FanClub member cancels, and also obtains a refund of a previous FanClub membership fee, your FanClub commission for that fee is reversed if it is within the week the customer joined your FanClub, or the renewal week.
Is it true that there is no 5% reserve holdback on my FanClub earnings? (view answer)
Yes. Since FanClubs are most appealing to long-time, loyal customers of iFriends and are especially appealing to your videochat regulars, there is less financial risk associated with these memberships. However, the costs of any refunds and or chargebacks that are received within the week the member joins your FanClub, or his renewal week, the membership will not be paid out.
How much can I charge for my FanClub? (view answer)
The price range you can charge for your monthly FanClub membership fee is $14.99 - $29.99 per month. FanClub Lite is $9.99 a month.
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