EasyCam Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out our guide to getting started with EasyCam Plus here.

What is "EasyCam Plus"? (view answer)
EasyCam Plus is iFriends easiest method of streaming live videochat sessions. No need to download any extra software, Easycam Plus just requires Adobe Flash Player 11 or greater. Get it here.
Should I host a session using EasyCam Plus or SuperCam? (view answer)
iFriends recommends that you use EasyCam Plus because it makes better use of available CPU and memory. SuperCam is a stand alone application and requires you to download extra software. Prominent placement on the site is not determined by the type of hosting software you are using.
Does EasyCam Plus work with a Mac? (view answer)
Yes, EasyCam Plus works seamlessly using Mac OS 10.6 or later.
Can I run multiple sessions with EasyCam Plus? (view answer)
Yes, EasyCam Plus is capable of running multiple sessions, provided that you have sufficient upload bandwidth and CPU capacity PER SESSION/SCREENNAME.
Where can I find more information about EasyCam Plus? (view answer)
For more information, check out the Guide to EasyCam Plus.

Note: The contents of this FAQ will be updated based upon the feedback you provide and questions you ask us at the EasyCam Plus Feedback Form.

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