Getting Started as a Webcam Model

Can I make money on the iFriends Platform? (view answer)
Yes! Through the highest payout percentages in the webcam industry, the most amount of income generating tools, and the flexibility to set your own prices, the income possibilities on iFriends are endless! But, don't just take our word for it, read these Success Stories from webcam models just like you!
What do I need to get started? (view answer)
To get started as a webcam model on iFriends, you need a computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a webcam. Having a great personality and being comfortable with your sexuality are also a plus!
Do I have to pay anything to get started? (view answer)
No. There are zero costs associated with being a webcam model on iFriends. iFriends takes a percentage of the revenue you generate, so we only make money if you're making money too!
What percentage of revenue does iFriends payout? (view answer)
On iFriends, you decide how much of your commission you keep! You can earn up to 100% payouts for your fans. Find out more about iFriends Payment Types.
Can I protect my privacy? (view answer)
Absolutely! Protecting your privacy is very important to iFriends. You can choose zip codes, States, and even entire countries to block from being able to view you on iFriends.
How do I sign up? (view answer)
Getting started is easy, just follow a 3 Step registration process. Sign Up Now!
I need more information about ID-Cards and Submitting Age Documentation. (view answer)
For more information about your ID-Card and Submitting Age Documentation, please visit the Proving your Age on iFriends FAQ.
How can I contact Webcam Model Support? (view answer)
You can contact us 24 hours a day by filling out an online help form.

You can also chat with us live: Get live viewer support from iFriends
By Phone: (561) 963-5842 Option 1 for Tech Support, Option 2 for Non-Tech Support
Where can I find more information about being a iFriends webcam model on iFriends? (view answer)
Visit the Main FAQ Directory for additional information.
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