iFriends FanClub Billing & Payments FAQ

How do I check my stats? (view answer)
Select the "My Stats" option at the top of the page, or select the "Display My Revenue/Traffic Stats" from the Webcam Model Console.

You can choose to view your Pay-Per-Minute Activity, which displays stats from the last 14 days, or view your Weekly Pay History, which displays payments issued under your screenname.
How do I know if I was issued a payment? (view answer)
The minimum payment amount on iFriends is $100.00. Once you earn the minimum payment amount, iFriends will automatically process your payment. Payments are processed every Monday and post to your account. To view posted payments, go to your stats and select the "Weekly Pay History" option. This will provide you with a detailed list of all payments issued under your screenname. Click on the payment number for an even further breakdown of payment information.
What types of payment methods do you offer? (view answer)
We offer 3 payment methods:
  1. Payment by check for US-based and international webcam models. Checks are sent First Class Mail at no cost to you.

  2. Direct Deposit for US-based webcam models, which is free.

  3. Electronic payment for international webcam models using Paxum.
To choose or change your payment method at any time, visit your ID-Card Manager and select the "Edit My ID-Card Settings" option.
How often am I paid? (view answer)
The pay period runs from Sunday to Saturday, and iFriends issues payments on a weekly basis. On Monday, your payment from the pay period that ended on Saturday will post to your account.
How can I contact Webcam Model Support? (view answer)
You can contact us 24 hours a day by filling out an online help form.

You can also chat with us live: Get live viewer support from iFriends
By Phone: (561) 963-5842 Option 1 for Tech Support, Option 2 for Non-Tech Support
Where can I find more information about being a webcam model on iFriends? (view answer)
Visit the Main FAQ Directory for additional information.
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