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How do I contact Technical Support? (view answer)
Our Technical Support lines are open 24 hours a day and can be reached at 1-561-963-5842, Option 1. Technical Support can also be reached by clicking on the many Live Support links throughout the site:

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What are the system requirements for my PC? (view answer)
In order to host on iFriends, we recommend at a minimum a PC with an Intel I3 4 2.0 GHz or higher, running Microsoft Windows XP or later. Mac OS X or later will also work. We also suggest that your PC have at least 2gb of RAM, although 4 GB or more is optimal. Just about any PC on the market these days will far exceed these requirements.
What kind of camera do you recommend? (view answer)
Any HD-quality webcam should do the trick. The Logitech BCC950 conference cam is an excellent choice.

The Logitech BCC950 offers HD video and additional features such as remote control, zoom, and high quality audio.
What type of Internet Connection do you recommend? (view answer)
There are literally thousands of Internet Service Providers, and the quality of service varies from area to area, and from provider to provider. We've successfully tested our webcam software with many different providers, both small and national. Make sure the ISP you choose has enough bandwidth to handle your connection and make sure you get a high speed connection.

Most advertised speeds are the "download" speed. This is the speed you can expect to get when downloading a movie or other large file from a server on the internet to your PC. As a webcam model, you are more concerned with upload speed since your live video stream will be flowing from your PC to our servers. This speed is usually much lower than the advertised (download) speed and is seldom advertised because for most people, it's irrelevant. If you ask, however, they will tell you.

You will need at least 256kbps to reliably host a video session in standard mode. HQ will require 512kbps and HD, 1 mbps. Good rule of thumb for bandwidth: More is better and there's no such thing as "too much". We do not recommend nor support the various satellite-based ISPs due to their non-standard networking technologies that interfere with video streams and many other types of communication that require a constant uninterrupted connection.
How do I support sound? (view answer)
We have set up a special page all about sending audio over iFriends. Check out the How to Support Audio on iFriends page for more information about how to use this great feature; you won't believe how much longer viewers will stay with you if they can HEAR as well as SEE!
Customers complain my video is too slow! (view answer)
How well this works depends entirely upon 1.) your internet connection, and 2.) their internet connection. Don't worry, here at iFriends, we have plenty of bandwidth (more than twice what is actually used) and our staff is on duty 24/7 to make sure all our systems stay operational. Your video is transmitted to us and we then distribute to as many viewers as request it. Viewers do not connect to you and use your bandwidth. So, your connection only needs to be fast enough to transmit one video stream to us -- which can be done with as little as 256kbps of upload speed. If your upload speed is at least this much, then the problem is likely on the viewer's side. If only one customer complains, but others say that performance is fine, then urge the customer to switch providers or upgrade his internet connection to a faster one.

Choppy video can also be caused by you forcing your connection to a higher quality setting than is optimal. When you start your session we measure your bandwidth and select the best setting for your available bandwidth. If you then were to change this to a higher setting, video choppiness can occur. We recommend you leave this setting where the system set it.
My video froze in the middle of a live session. (view answer)
You can try refreshing the page or the "Restart Paused Video" button. If you find that you need to reboot your PC and reset your ISP connection, when you come back online, you may need to sign out your iFriends session and establish a new one.
My connection seems slow, what can I do? (view answer)
Since the viewers do not connect directly to you, you can support a theoretically unlimited number of viewers with as little as a 256kbps upload speed on your side. In many regions of the world, residential-class service is less reliable than it should be. If you have constant problems, you may have to upgrade your connection to a commercial-class T1 or FDDI line.
When I try to use sound, I lose ALL my sounds until I reboot. How can I fix this? (view answer)
See the Guide to Supporting Audio on iFriends for more information.
Is there a quick way for me to troubleshoot when I'm having technical issues? (view answer)
If you're having issues logging into the site, or trouble with your video and audio during live sessions, the first (and easiest) way to troubleshoot these issues is to delete your browser AND Flash cookies and temporary Internet files. Keep in mind that browser and Flash cookies are two different things and you should do them both.

Here's how to do this in the most popular web browsers:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
    Go to Tools → Clear Recent History. Set the Time Range to Clear to "Everything" and under Details make sure Cache and Cookies are selected, then click on the Clear Now button.

  • Google Chrome:
    Click on the Customization button (the wrench icon located on the right side of the toolbar) and go to Clear Browsing Data. Make sure to select Delete cookies and Empty the cache. Set Clear Data from this period: to "Everything" and click on the Clear Browsing Data button.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:
    While in your browser go to Tools → Internet Options and choose the option to delete your temporary Internet files and cookies. After this has been completed, close your browser and reopen it.

Here's how to delete Flash cookies:
Go to: and select "Delete All Sites" and follow the prompts.

If you're still having problems accessing the site, or continue to have technical issues with your live sessions, please contact Technical Support at 1-561-963-5842, Option 1 or via the Live Support link throughout the site.
Where can I find more information about being a webcam model on iFriends? (view answer)
Visit the Main FAQ Directory for additional information.
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