About Phone Sex

iFriends's Phone Sex feature is a toll-free, privacy-protected call-forwarding service that webcam models can use to generate additional iFriends income, and "get closer" with their loyal fans and regulars, even when the model isn't online.

How It Works
Phone Sex through iFriends is based on the TalkLive conferencing technology, and is a feature of the iFriends FanClub system. Available only to iFriends members that have provided validated payment information, you enable and configure your Phone Sex participation within your FanClub settings under "Phone Sex". Phone Sex is not enabled by default; to activate, you must configure it in your FanClub manager.

Webcam Model MSCORTI demonstrates Phone Sex with iFriends

Phone Sex through iFriends is W O R L D - W I D E
Your iFriends regulars can reach you for Phone Sex, no matter where you are in the world, at no charge to you. Prove it to yourself: Click here to test your own telephone number.

"Why Should I Support Phone Sex?"
Because of these great benefits:

  1. Protects the privacy of both you and your fan (double-blind privacy-protection); neither you nor your fan see any caller-ID information about the other's telephone number. Only "iFriends" appears on caller ID.
  2. Allows you to screen each call: (e.g., "press 1 to accept this call from your fanclub or iFriends member #123456; press 2 to forward this caller to voice mail")
  3. Offers your fans and dedicated regulars a convenient way to reach you.
  4. Gives your fans a way of calling you that won't appear on their phone bill (because it's toll-free!)
  5. Costs you nothing (iFriends pays all telephone charges)
  6. Generates income for you by assessing a small per-minute fee to each caller. (You can take Phone Sex calls, earn income, and chat with your loyal fans whenever you like, even when you're not online: Shopping, walking the dog, etc.)

Protecting Your Privacy & Safety:
If you value your privacy, safety and security, Phone Sex is perfect. Just like "TalkLive", Phone Sex through iFriends is a "double-blind" system that prevents the caller from knowing your phone number, from seeing any Caller ID information or other information that could lead to your physical location. Supporting Phone Sex is like giving your fan a telephone number where he can reach you at any time ... except the fan never knows your actual telephone number. If you choose not to answer, your caller will roll over to your FanClub voice mail. And if you do answer, you'll have a chance to screen the call. An automated message will advise you that "Your FanClub or iFriends member #123456 is attempting to place a call with you, and is standing by on the other line right now; press 1 to accept the call, or press 2 to forward the caller to your voice mail".

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