SuperCam Frequently Asked Questions

This is a special FAQ created for webcam models who have questions about billing and payments for their FanClubs. This information is valid for both full FanClubs and FanClub Lite.

What is "SuperCam?" (view answer)
SuperCam is a stand-alone application that you can use to host a session on iFriends. It is an alternative to the browser-based EasyCam.
What video formats do SuperCam Support? (view answer)
  • SuperCam Premium – 640x480, 15fps, high bitrate
  • SuperCam Advanced – 640x480, 10fps, medium bitrate
  • SuperCam Standard – 640x480, 8fps, low bitrate
Is SuperCam easy to use? (view answer)
Absolutely! Once installed, SuperCam is as easy to use as EasyCam. Each time you host a session, we can determine the settings that are best for you and automatically start your broadcast. There is nothing to copy and paste and no encoder settings to configure. Log in as normal to sign in your session – we do all the complicated stuff for you.
How will I be shown on iFriends while hosting with SuperCam? (view answer)
Models using SuperCam will be listed right alongside with models using EasyCam; neither receive placement over the other.
What do I need to install to use SuperCam? (view answer)
All you need to install is the SuperCam application. Refer to the complete instructions for the download link.
Will I have to juggle between the SuperCam console and my web browser? (view answer)
Nope…here’s the super-cool part: you can sign in and see your session with both your video and chat – just like always – from within the SuperCam application itself! You won’t need to run a separate web browser!
What are the minimum system requirements for using SuperCam? (view answer)
Since SuperCam is optimized for high-definition video, the requirements are a bit stricter than those for EasyCam. You’ll need:
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or higher. Sorry, Mac OS support is not available for SuperCam at this time.
  • A webcam, video camera with USB output, or capture card and video camera that’s Microsoft DirectShow compliant – most video cameras made in the last few years will work. If you are using a webcam and want the highest-quality video, you will need one with HD support such as the Logitech HD series, the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema series, or other HD-quality webcam.
  • A microphone will be required if you wish to offer audio. Many webcams and cameras have one built right-in. SuperCam will support stereo audio if your microphone has this feature.
  • 1GB of RAM, though more is always better, especially if you will be running other applications at the same time as SuperCam.
  • At least 20MB of free disk space.
When you sign in your session, the system will automatically select the best quality setting based on your system and available bandwidth. Although you have the ability to change this, we recommend that you do not. If you select a setting that your system cannot handle, your video will be choppy and of very poor quality. This lack of quality may not be apparent on your end, but will be seen by users viewing your room.

Here are the settings and their requirements:
  • SuperCam Premium HD: – Intel Core I5 2.7 GHz or equivalent processor, with 1.5 mbps UPLOAD bandwidth PER SESSION/SCREENNAME.
  • SuperCam Advanced: – Intel I3 2.5 GHz or equivalent processor, with 550 Kb/s UPLOAD bandwidth PER SESSION/SCREENNAME.
  • SuperCam Standard: – Intel I3 2.0 GHz or equivalent processor, with 350 Kb/s UPLOAD bandwidth PER SESSION/SCREENNAME.
My machine does not even meet the lowest specs above. Can I still run SuperCam? (view answer)
Absolutely! SuperCam automatically selects the video quality for your machine and internet connection. Of course, hardware and connectivity that meets the minimum standards will result in a more satisfying experience for your viewers and result in more money in your pocket. A high-quality PC and fast internet connection are worthwhile investments.
OK, I’m ready! How do I install SuperCam and begin hosting? (view answer)
Refer to the complete instructions for the download link. Follow the directions…That’s it! You’re ready to go!
Now that it’s installed, how do I sign in a SuperCam session? (view answer)
Double-click the SuperCam Console icon on your desktop and you’re on your way. In the upper left hand corner, you will see the system initialization steps scrolling by. After a few seconds, you’ll be prompted to log in with your model username and password. You will then see the familiar "Start A Videochat Session" screen…Here you can select your favorite settings and when ready, click the blue "Begin Session" button. When the video feed from your camera connects to our servers, you will be prompted to "allow" or "deny" this connection. Please click "allow". When you see your video feed in the SuperCam Console, you are transmitting video to us and your session is live on iFriends.
I have an older version of SuperCam, how to I install the new version? (view answer)
You will first have to uninstall the older version of SuperCam and then install the new one. Follow these detailed instructions.
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