Cam2Cam Frequently Asked Questions

Cam2Cam Questions:
What is Cam2Cam? (view answer)
The Cam2Cam feature allows a webcam model to view a member during a private session. In order to access this feature, the member must have an upgraded membership, a webcam, and must have taken the session private by clicking the "Go Private" option. If the member’s PC or webcam has a microphone, the model will also hear audio. The latest version of the Flash Player plug-in is required for the model and member to use Cam2Cam.
How do I use Cam2Cam? (view answer)
  • Viewers: Cam2Cam is available to VIP or Elite level members only. For detailed instructions on using Cam2Cam, please refer to our Cam2Cam Step-By-Step guide.
  • Webcam Models: First, the member needs to start broadcasting. After the member has started broadcasting, click the "Cam2Cam" link, then click the member’s Screenname.

    Refer to the Cam2Cam Step-By-Step guide or enter LiveChat Support if further assistance is needed.
As a Model, how can I eliminate the need to scroll in order to view certain features? (view answer)
For models only, the Cam2Cam feature can be relocated by clicking the Drag Icon () located to the left of the feature and then moving your mouse to the desired position. Setting your screen to a higher resolution exposes more features. Another option is to select "Full-screen Mode" by pressing the "F11" key on top of your keyboard.
When trying to view or send video I see a blank or white window and do NOT see any video. (view answer)
It is possible your browser is not able to automatically download the latest Flash player. Download and install the latest Flash Player for your browser. After it is installed, close the blank window and try viewing or sending video again.
I'm having trouble hearing the sound from the webcam model when I use Cam2Cam. (view answer)
When a member is sending video to the webcam model, more bandwidth is being used. Members who use a slower internet connection may see a reduced performance of video or audio when using Cam2Cam. The minimum upload speed required to broadcast video is 512kbps for the member.
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