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Click here for questions and answers on the iFriends FanClubs system.

Click here to learn more about the Cam2Cam feature (where webcam models can watch the viewer too.)

I heard that iFriends offers HD-quality videochat and videos of webcam models. Is this true? (view answer)
Absolutely! VIP and Elite members can enjoy full 720p and 1080p HD video on iFriends, both in live videochat and in FanClub videos!
Is this really free? (view answer)
Surfing iFriends as a guest doesn't cost you a dime. Also 100% FREE are many members-only features such as browsing through uncensored archives taken from millions of past live iFriends videochats, cruising the iFriends search engines looking for "tall blondes" "under 25", and live textchat with more than 300,000+ iFriends webcam models. You never pay for anything on iFriends without your consent. Check out the full Terms and Conditions for more information.
How can I reach your customer service department? (view answer)
Our toll-free customer service department is available 24/7, reachable through email, toll-free telephone (1-800-iFriends), or overseas direct dial (001-561-656-0500). Plus, check out our intelligent help-assistant page for instant online help, visit our Contact Page for department-by-department contact information, and don't miss our Member Services Page, your one-stop shop for all your customer-service needs on iFriends.

You can also chat with us live: Get live viewer support from iFriends
I forgot my password, how can I find it? (view answer)
If you forgot your username and/or password, you can use our on-line username and password retrieval system by simply clicking here.
Is my account information safe with you? With whom do you share it? (view answer)
Your account registration and billing information, which you submit to iFriends through a Verisign-certified, digital-certificate-encrypted secure channel and which iFriends maintains behind a firewall-protected encrypted secure system, is never disclosed or otherwise provided to any outside party, including iFriends webcam models. Your account information is accessible only to a handful of trained iFriends staff, all of whom have passed detailed background checks. For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
I received a $1.99 charge on my credit card from your company. What is it for? (view answer)
The $1.99 charge is most likely the monthly membership fee for HD Plus. With your HD Plus membership, you have unlimited access to thousands of HD videos for no additional fee! If you want to cancel your HD Plus membership, you can either use our Online Cancellation Form, or through our Online Help Assistant.
On which browser does iFriends work best? (view answer)
iFriends works with all "modern" browsers, and functions equally well with Internet Explorer or FireFox. For the best possible experience, we recommend that your browser support Java, JavaScript, and Flash.
Do I need any plugins? (view answer)
Watching iFriends does not require any plug-ins other than one that most users have already: Flash. No annoying downloads! If you aren't sure if you have Flash installed and working properly, it's a snap to test, fix, or get. Test Flash Plug-in.
Is this live? (view answer)
Absolutely. Unless you are browsing through the "archives", or are watching the small portion of videochats that are clearly labeled as replays of previous Live iFriends videochats, every iFriends videochat you encounter is live. Real people. In real time. It's REAL!
Can I contact the iFriends webcam model who is providing his/her camera feed? (view answer)
That's up to the performing iFriends webcam model. At their discretion, they may or may not choose to give you their email address, phone number, or other contact information.
Can I trace or locate the iFriends webcam model through their IP address? (view answer)
No. The "IP address" of performing iFriends webcam model cannot be traced to the physical point of origin without a court order. Also, the IP address is often "randomly assigned" by their provider each time they transmit. Privacy laws vary from state to state, but in most cases, attempts to physically locate a iFriends webcam model through their IP addresses, however useless, nevertheless violate anti-stalking and anti-harassment statutes. Also, attempts to incapacitate or disable a webcam model's session constitute theft of services and are aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (All attempts to do so are automatically logged and are easily traced to the point of origin.)
What should I do if I'm not seeing any video? (view answer)
First, use the chat interface and ask if anybody else is seeing video. If everyone else in the room *also* can't see video, then there may be something wrong on the webcam model's end. This seldom happens, because the webcam model usually signs out if nobody can see their video.

However, if you are the *only* one in the chatroom who can't see video, try the following: First, make sure that you've done everything you need to for the browser you're using. Make sure that your browser is supporting Java, Javascript, and Flash. Try closing your browser and restarting it. Try rebooting your PC. Try switching browsers. If all that fails, try accessing iFriends from a different online service provider.

If you still cannot see video, then LEAVE THE ROOM to avoid unnecessary charges. Please let us know that there were problems by contacting our help desk at help @ iFriends and giving us a detailed report of the incident.
How do I end my iFriends session? (view answer)
The best way to end your session is clicking the red "X" at the top right corner of the videochat interface - here's a screenshot. If for some reason you can't click the red X, closing your browser will also end your session.
Where can I find more information about private Make-A-Date Sessions? (view answer)
Make-A-Date has its very own Frequently Asked Questions page here.
I have a WebPower, "WPI," or "iFriends" charge on my credit-card statement. Why is it there? (view answer)
iFriends would never apply your registration payment information to any premium services without your consent. Premium services include fee-based videochats you might visit, where the webcam model has chosen to charge for access to his or her videochat (other webcam models offer such services for free).
Second, should you choose to join our "Club VIP," you will be billed $6.95 per month for access to the wide range of exclusive VIP benefits available to you (if you joined VIP earlier when the price was $4.99, you are "grandfathered" in at the lower rate ... for the life of your account!).

Note: Should you choose the "Club VIP Free" option, if you participate in at least one paid videochat session within the billing cycle, the $6.95 membership fee is waived.

Third, the "Elite" package , at $9.95, is another upgrade that thousands of members choose every week.

Fourth, some webcam models offer an optional "Fan Club" feature ("FC" for short); FanClubs have both free and premium areas. All premium services on the site are clearly labeled in a prominent and conspicuous manner, and your consent is affirmatively obtained prior to your entrance to such areas. Of course, if you ever have questions about any iFriends charge activity appearing on your statement, call our toll-free 24/7 customer service center (1-800-iFriends; overseas callers dial 001-561-656-0500), where live agents are available day and night to cheerfully provide assistance and answer your questions.
Is there any way that the webcam model can see me while I watch him/her? (view answer)
Yes! To find out more, click here.
Where can I learn more about TalkLive, TM the toll-free telephone conferencing system where I can talk live with my favorite webcam model during live videochat? (view answer)
TalkLive is perhaps the fastest-growing feature ever offered on iFriends. To find out more, click here.
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