iFriends FanClubs Frequently Asked Questions

The FanClub FAQ is an index of frequently-asked questions (and answers) exclusively for iFriends FanClub Members.

What's a FanClub? (view answer)
FanClubs represent an exciting part of the iFriends Platform. Exciting ... but elegantly simple: It's a front door into a deep, full-featured, entire website operated by the model, a profile from which the model can serve his or her loyal base of dedicated "Fans". It's where you'll find each webcam model's private email address and other contact information. It's where you'll find virtually every archive pic, videoclip, replay and "live moment" the model has ever made. It's where you'll find a discussion board operated by the model ... her secret and very personal daily diary ... a weekly newsletter bulletin ... polls, fantasies, and much, much more. One of the most fully-featured FanClubs, and a great introduction into the world of FanClubs, is operated by longtime webcam model YASMEENA_BLAKE. You can visit her FanClub here.
What's a FanClub Lite? (view answer)
Not all of the iFriends webcam models have had the time to stuff a FanClub full of content. For their fans, these models offer "FanClub Lite", a scaled-down version of a full FanClub. You still get info about your favorite models and discounts to their videochat sessions. However, since they haven't built up their library of archive images and videos or set up all the features, a FanClub Lite membership is even less expensive than that of a "full" FanClub!
How can I join a FanClub for free? (view answer)
First of all, when you sign up for a webcam model's FanClub, the first month of membership is absolutely positively 100% FREE of charge! You can keep getting free months of membership, too; all you have to do is spend at least as much as the FanClub's membership fee in that model's pay videochat room over the course of a month, and that model's FanClub membership fee for the NEXT month is waived. So, as long as you're a "videochat regular" in that webcam model's video chat, you'll never have to pay a dime for the FanClub membership.

For additional information, click here.
What are the benefits of a full FanClub membership? (view answer)
There are dozens of features that only FanClub members get, such as access to the webcam model's private email address and toll-free telephone number, additional exclusive "eye candy" and "memory/fantasy" archive materials that are not published on the regular iFriends platform, plus great SAVINGS such as 50%-off any ClubVIP or ClubElite memberships, as well as a minimum 10% off savings of any live videochat sessions with your webcam model, good for the life of your FanClub membership. (Some models offer as much as a 25% discount!)

Boiled down to its bare essence, with FanClubs, you get more from the webcam model:

  1. Model's private toll-free telephone
  2. Model's private email/IM
  3. More Satisfaction from the Model
  4. More Intimacy from the Model
  5. More of the Model!
  6. More Pics, Videos, Archives, Replays, live shows of the Model
  7. More Savings (from the Model and iFriends)
  8. More Freebies (from the Model and iFriends)
  9. More Attention from the Model
  10. More Appreciation and Gratitude from the Model (for helping make him/her a star!)

And perhaps best of all, if you're already a videochat regular of the webcam model, you get all these benefits, and more, for no cost. (See "How can I join a FanClub for free?")
Do I have to have an account with iFriends to join a FanClub? (view answer)
Yes. Since FanClubs is a part of the iFriends platform, you must first be a iFriends member in order to join a FanClub. If you are not already a iFriends member, click here to join.
I'm a iFriends member, but not a VIP or Elite status member. Can I join a FanClub? (view answer)
Yes. The only prerequisite necessary for joining a FanClub is a full, regular iFriends membership. A VIP-level or Elite-level membership is not required.
How can I get help with my FanClub login/password? (view answer)
If you're a registered iFriends member, having trouble using your login and password at a FanClub you belong to, use our handy, on-line username and password retrieval feature, by clicking here.
How can I get help with technical problems? (view answer)
Our intelligent help facility is online 24/7 for your convenience. Click here.
How do I cancel my FanClub membership? (view answer)
It's easy to cancel. Simply deliver notice to iFriends's Customer Service Department by any reasonable method, including the following:
  1. Instant One-Click Cancellation Form,
  2. Contact us via our contact form,
  3. Toll-free 24/7 telephone: 1-800-437-4363 (for overseas callers, 001-800-437-4363),
  4. Postal mail: WebPower, Inc., 7765 Lake Worth Road, #341, Lake Worth, FL 33467.
In each of these cancellation methods, to ensure effective and prompt cancellation, please provide the name of the FanClub, your iFriends screenname, and the first 13 digits of the credit-card number used to establish your iFriends account.

Your account will be marked "cancelled -- no charges after cancel date", which status takes effect immediately upon iFriends's receipt of your adequate notice as described above. iFriends or the webcam model may also cancel your membership at any time. You will still maintain access to the model's fanclub until the end of the current monthly cycle, unless you specify otherwise, but live session FanClub benefits and discounts will no longer be available to you.
Where can I find Customer Service for FanClubs? (view answer)
To visit our extensive Customer Service website, click here. You can also reach our dedicated 24/7 toll-free FanClub customer service center at 1-800-437-4363 (overseas callers dial 1-561-656-0500), or via our contact form.
What are the Terms and Conditions for FanClubs? (view answer)
As a part of the iFriends platform, all terms and conditions concerning the general iFriends service apply to FanClubs (click here to review). For additional terms and conditions that relate specifically to FanClubs, please click here.
How can I become a iFriends webcam model and open my own FanClub? (view answer)
So, you've been bitten by the bug, eh? Joining iFriends as a webcam model is straight-forward, but involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. Above all else, it is vital that you prove to us that you are at least 18 years of age, through an extensive documentation process. Assuming that doesn't dissuade you, to get started, click here and begin with Steps 1 and 2 at the top of that page.
Where can I find more questions and answers about iFriends, in general? (view answer)
Click here for frequently-asked questions about the general iFriends service.
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