Using an Apple Mac instead of a PC?

Is iFriends fully compatible with Macs? (view answer)
Yes, iFriends is fully compatible with the Safari web browser on Mac. If you are a Mac user accessing iFriends through Firefox and discover any technical difficulties, please file a “Help Us Improve This Feature“ ticket from the page giving you trouble and let us know. The “Help Us Improve This Feature“ link can be found on all pages on iFriends right below and to the right of the header graphic. To learn more about “Help Us Improve This Feature“, click here.
Are there any common things a Mac user would need to download before using iFriends? (view answer)
Just as with members viewing sessions from PCs, make sure you are running the latest version of Flash from
Can I use Cam2Cam on a Mac? (view answer)
Cam2Cam is fully supported on Mac. After activating your Cam2Cam session, Control + Click the Cam2Cam feed, click “Settings“, and ensure that you have iFriends set to “allow“.

For best results, if you want to run a Cam2Cam session, physically plug your laptop into an ethernet port, rather than connect over a wireless connection (WiFi).
How do I disable my security settings? (view answer)
In Safari: To disable security settings, key “Command+,“ ensure all boxes are checked in the security tab, and set “Accept Cookies“ to Always.

In Firefox: To disable security settings, key “Command+,“ and ensure the “accept cookies from sites“ and “accept third party cookies“ boxes are checked in the privacy tab.
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