Help Make iFriends Even Better!

Got a complaint, bug report, or feature suggestion? Want a direct line to top brass? Need results now? Be heard!

Look for the Real-Time* Suggestion Box feature near the top right of every single page:

(* Real-Time: The moment you click 'Save', your report is immediately received and processed by high-level staff in the development, design and management divisions. Most reports are acted upon and resolved in less than 24 hours.)

The Real-Time Suggestion Box icon usually appears in this context:

How It Works:

When you click the link and fill out the small form, your report is automatically classified and routed directly to the top brass in whichever department is responsible for the feature you are commenting on.

As you complete the form, you also have the chance to prepare and attach 'screenshots' to your report. Screenshots are an excellent method for expressing your issue in a way that mere words cannot. ("A picture speaks a thousand words") Screenshots are especially helpful for any scenario where you hope for rapid turnaround and support of the reported issue. In other words: The richer your screenshot(s), the better the help we can provide.

If you've never taken a screenshot of your browser before, it's easy, and takes just a few simple steps:

    1. Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. (this copies an image of your computer screen to your clipboard)
    2. Open any graphics program on your PC. (A program called 'Paint' comes with every edition of Microsoft Windows).
    3. Press [CTRL-V] to copy-and-paste the image from your clipboard into your graphics program.
    4. Use the tools in your graphics program to illustrate the captured image. For example, you can use the 'line' tool to draw arrows, or the 'text' tool to annotate regions of the image with text.
    5. Save your work to any filename, such as "MyScreenshot.jpg" or "MyImage.gif" (jpg, gif, and png formats are supported, up to 5MB in size).

How important is a screenshot? Consider this screenshot that provides a visual representation of the above steps.

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