How We Protect Your Privacy

Not only do we respect your privacy, we protect  your privacy.

Just say "No!" We are occasionally contacted by third parties who, for marketing purposes, want to purchase our mailing list and other sensitive customer information derived from our database of more than nine million customer accounts. We always say "No". Although there is no law forbidding us from selling such information, we are serious in our commitment to safeguard the sensitive information you provide us. We have never sold such personal information about our customers to outside parties -- not even once -- and we don't intend to.

As a general rule, when you use our service on the internet, there are only three kinds of information we can collect about you: (1) Information that you voluntarily provide to us or authorize, such as your name, address, credit-card and other account information as submitted on the Registration Form, (2) "Log information" about the areas of our service that you visit (this data -- such as whether you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox -- is accessible from the general internet environment), and (3) private correspondence, such as the contents of e-mail messages you exchange with us.

Log information bears greater explanation: Log information typically consists of such things as your browser type (i.e., Firefox or MSIE), your IP address (i.e., 102.316.52.11), the domain name from which you are visiting (i.e., ""), and which pages of our Service that you visit. Like all internet services, we analyze our log files to better understand which areas of our service are more popular than others. And like most other large-scale internet properties, we also use this information to "customize" the experience to match your tastes. For example, if you first visit our service by searching an internet portal for a search term such as "voyeur" and clicking upon a banner or link to our service, we may set a "cookie" on your computer which records the term as a "search preference" (Note: Everyday log-analysis programs such as WebTrends include such tracking of keyword-specific traffic as a regular feature - indeed, using such tools, the administrators of most websites on earth track traffic originating from search engines by searched keyword). Later, as you navigate through this Service, you will likely observe that the content you see on this Service tends to be tailored to match your recorded search preference. Note: such cookies are "secure" in that they cannot be read by other internet companies, but can only be read by the web site which placed the cookie.

We also use your recorded "search preference" information to better target and allocate marketing expenditures. For example, if we learn that, in aggregate, individuals who search portals for terms such as "voyeur" are more likely to purchase goods and services from us than individuals who search for terms such as "livecams", we may allocate greater portions of our marketing budget to targeting the former group, and a smaller portion of the budget to target the latter group. By optimizing marketing strategies in this manner, we have conserve important financial capital that can be deployed toward development efforts which improve our service platform and provide a richer customer experience for all.

Speaking of cookies, another kind of cookie that we may set is an "identification cookie". This cookie is written whenever you successfully use your login and password to access a restricted area of our service; the identification cookie is available only to individuals who have already been verified as adults, through our pre-existing verification procedures. When our servers observe this identification cookie on your computer, they recognize you and therefore might deliver unfiltered content as opposed to filtered content - in effect, another form of customized content tailored to suit your indicated preferences.

Another question that should concern you: "Do we outsource to other companies any privacy-sensitive functions such as management of our email newsletter system, web hosting, or our e-commerce platform?" The answer is "No". Because we are so committed to safeguarding the integrity of your personal information, we have elected to not use such services, despite the fact that they are reasonably-priced and simplify the management task of running a large and complex website operation.

For a more expansive discussion of our Privacy Policy, including instructions for disabling cookies click here.
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