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Last Online: Over a month ago
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50 shades of kink !!!!!
Who Am I
Here to make you weak in the knees. Express who you really are&try all the things you've always felt restricted to try. Life doesn't always need to be vanilla&so serious-Ifriends best kept secret is here to break all the rules-Lebanese lust-Devine feminine enchantment for male hypnosis- Rare desert jewel gracefully charming snakes~Many mystifying talents with teasing tantric touch-Appreciate mindless self indulgence for the opposite(or same)sex-The goddess&the gentlemen-Our own domain of happiness awaits-L
Basic Info
Sexual Preference:
TV Show:
Dream of genie
Forbidden fruit
Gin&Arak'El Massaya
120-150 lbs
Very Tall
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Special Options:
When I Host My VideoChat
As often as I can- I'm exclusive to Ifriends , 1 Cam-1 room -1 phone too -For the best call you ever made just Click the "Call Me" Option on my fanclub ..Stop by my wall/pics/vids to post me a message/comment anytime :) Add me to your favorites/receive email notification when I'm live online..If I'm live online-then there's no time like the present :) Love a variety of things and enjoy new experiences. I'm imaginative well beyond your wildest dreams- Like fine wine -I get better with age-I can be merciless, I can be soft ... but I always wanna be someone's reason to smile -Leaving you wanting for nothing & keeping you wanting for more and more. BIG permanent Thank you to everyone who voted me 3rd place for Miss Ifriends 2017- You all give me such great purpose in my life and in return I want to give you great purpose also!!
Coming Attractions
Like any man and woman, if we connect,there's a world of experiences to be had together-Memories that last a lifetime xo-Classy hot blooded true desert dancing beauty @ your fingertips :)This busty brunette always has more fun-I'm the girl your mother warned you about.- Allfetish-Roleplay-kink -Waxed feet coming soon : Also just found some new technology thats gonna blow us all away !! Something new and super excitement to try , just need willing participant :) !! Ask me all about it xoMysterious harem adventures :A good arab girl can go bad in a wild harem next door...but you're invited-Thrill seekers & panty hose peekers: grovel at my feet for a high heeled treat xo-69Wishes-Kamasutra exclusives:69Ways2Play-Exotic Entertainment you cant find on Tv:) ~A delightfully different goddess, enter a whole new world of intense distractions and magical fullfillment .Be ready for greatest celestial Journey (Gotta fixation for something specific? All request(s) welcome) -I am more than meets your eyes here on my fanclub -Dive down into the depths and layers of a woman..only there will you find beauty most people never see--Choose not who is beautiful to the world but who enjoys making your world beautiful..
Why I'm Here
I hate lonely nights , I'd rather have your company to have a good excuse to dress up in my hot outfits. I loveeee living in the moment and connecting-Lifes to short not to live a little and take chances and try new things at least once -Being the master of seduction in my harem-I'm always evolving, as my imagination and experience keep on suprising even me !! I feed off your mind to see where I can play inside of it . Lets take time to get to know each other, so I can better customize our experiences together :) I love taking control ...I can think of so many things we could do .The scent of sensuality ,so powerful craving to feel it in every fibre of your being. Hypnotizing you from head to toe has become my specialty !! People who we would enjoy , aren't always local but now we have technology . A seductive mystery here allures me, is like the secrecy of being blind folded with amorous play...whispers in your ear ..not knowing what happens next-No more reservations- out of the mists of curiousity into consummate pleasure Genies love bring all your secrets and wishes to life - So rub & release me from this lone lamp-Setting free all limits locked inside , .enter the steamiest of nights-..full of erotic treasures in gorgeous forbidden dreams of genie~Expect the unexpected...Let imaginations fly where they may-Step inside one hell of a magic carpet ride -
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May 4, 2017
She's got the looks that kill. Love to be her cuckold
She's got the looks that kill. Love to be her cuckold
Mar 23, 2017
Mar 23, 2017
Mar 21, 2017
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Previous Winner: "Best Dominant", in BDSM/Fetish. The list goes on!

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