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Fun Outdoors Foot Fetish This Morning Was a Good Time, See you again tomorrow for another Good Morning ;-)
Who Am I
Adult Entertainer Annie "Fucking" Body! Model, Artist, and YES Porn Star Too .. But the fun doesn't stop there! I am the first female ever to own and operate a professional wrestling federation and while I'm doing so I figured why not have some fun on cam too so here I am and I look forward to playing with you often here on IFriends, where I pop on most often in the morning hours (EST.) Let's Have Some Fuckin Fun !!! And if you do not see ME on just give ME a nudge ;-)
Basic Info
Sexual Preference:
Willy Wonka and the Choco
TV Show:
The Addams Family ;-)
The Big Salad ;-)
Organic Coffee ;-)
Jack White, Tom Waits, Th
Main Event
100-120 lbs
Very Tall
Hair Length:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Special Options:
When I Host My VideoChat
I'm back so tune in often to visit ME! I have been popping on here and there throughout the day, as I can. But running a pro wrestling federation isn't an easy task you know so if you don't see Me on just give Me a little nudge and/or make a date with Me and we'll certainly get hooked up for some awesome cam fun !!!
Coming Attractions
I know it's been a while, but I am back and will be on live often. You can find Me enjoying cam time most mornings as I get MyOWF business done with fewer distractions, but you are always welcome to distract Me away for a little fun time on cam ;-) When I am not available I do My best to make sure to post a recent replay for you to enjoy while I am away so you don't miss Me to bad and can still get your Annie "Fuckin" Body fix! And again you are always welcome to nudge Me if you desire !!! Now if you want to request a specific time with Me just make a date so we can get together when it's most convenient for Us both.
Why I'm Here
I love meeting new people and having fun on cam. Plus while I'm running MyOWF federation I want to keep Myself entertained the way I like to be entertained !!! I expect you to be yourself . . . polite, rude, or whatever !!! It's your buck so I want you to enjoy it !!! Let's just have some fun it's as simple as that :-)
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Nov 29, 2016
world class
world class
Jun 7, 2016
No one satisfies me more than this amazing red-haired goddess! I always keep coming back for more and wanting more every time!
No one satisfies me more than this amazing red-haired goddess! I always keep coming back for more and wanting more every time!
Mar 21, 2016
Simply the best!
Simply the best!
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