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Who am I?
I'm a sweet, smart & passionate southern belle who loves to meet new people! Whether you're looking for a little fun, or a great conversation, I'm your girl! :-)
Why I'm Here
Ifriends is SO great! It's the perfect platform for meeting fascinating people and sharing a wonderful moment in time together. I love it here, because it lets me safely explore my fantasies without any inhibitions or fears. I'm pretty shy in person, but all bets are off here!! lol
My turn-ons are SO simple! The top priority is definitely a great sense of humor. A couple other things I love are a guy who isn't afraid to be himself, and of course good grooming. haha
I dislike people who are pushy and demanding, and also people who are overly critical of themselves and of others. Life is short, don't spend it being sour!! Lighten up and enjoy the ride. :-)
My Favorite Things
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Moonrise Kingdom

Walking Dead


Clinique Happy

Gala apples

Teavana teas

love ALL music!!!

Game of Thrones

a good hard laugh :-)


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