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Who am I?
Hey! I'm Leah! You will discover that I am the combination of the cute girl next door who always cheers you up, makes your heart melt and the sexy desirable woman who will make your naughty dreams come true... Join me and you will never regret! I have two sides... one of them is sweet and cute, and the other can be cruel and demanding. I like both sharing dirty, naughty fantasies, and making men squirm when I edge them or tell them how they can make me happy.
Why I'm Here
I am here because I like to have fun. You can stop by for a quickie or become my regular, so we can enjoy ourselves longer and more deeply ;)
I can be for you a sweet little naughty angel. Your desires are my orders! If you need someone to dominate you, just join my room, let's get free all our crazy thoughts!
I don't like people with uncivilized behavior, people who does not know to respect others. If you can't respect people it s obviously that you don t know to respect yourself.
My Favorite Things
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Zombie Land

The Game of Thrones


P.R. -Million


Orange Juice

Depeche Mode

E.G. Committed



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