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Last Online: Over a month ago
Last Online: Over a month ago
Who am I?
I'm sindee the naughty vixen who loves to be bad all the time! I love to try new things.when im not online playing with you, im hanging out with my naughty gurlfriends! were always getting into trouble!
Why I'm Here
its a great place to meet people!! I love to flirt and have a good time,
A man with a wicked sense of humor..I love to giggle and be made to laugh. A man with strong hands that can touch me in all the right spots....I love having my body rubbed down with oils and lotions . Intimate talk is by far the biggest turn on for me~ Im not to fond of fast moving hands heheh...you shouln't rush a good time.
Not being asked my name only my breast size.....being rushed through intimate time.
My Favorite Things
My Favorite Movie:

My Favorite TV Show:

My Favorite Color:

My Favorite Fragrance:

My Favorite Food:

My Favorite Drink:

My Favorite Music:

My Favorite Book:

My Favorite Sensation:

My Favorite Emotion:

My Favorite day of the wee:

I love romantic comedy

im a reality show freak


human scent

chocolate anything

anything with an umbrell

all music

any girlie magizine

my nipples sucked


saturday~ always a party

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