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Last Online: Over a month ago
Last Online: Over a month ago
Who am I?
You are welcome to view me whether it''s for a quickie or a long tease!I will NOT be offended if you want to get nasty RIGHT AWAY and leave quickly. Variety is truly the spice of life; I love exploring many roles and personas. I''m an adaptable switch.
Why I'm Here
I like iFriends because it's an extremely pleasurable way to earn money while getting to know other people and get off at the same time!
I love variety!! Personality!! Someone telling me how hard his cock is for me!! I like Style and smut, class and trash, slow and fast, build-up and release. I enjoy all kinds of music, dancing, writing erotica, reading and making noise while I eat. I like people who are fascinated by all aspects of the human psyche. I enjoy people with an irrepressible joi de vivre!
People who try to engage me in free cybersex. Typing is a turn off. I also hate those auto-flush toilets. Girls with long fake nails turn me off. So do people who resent women for capitalizing on their sexuality.
My Favorite Things
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Dangerous Liaisons

Northern Exposure





Cowboy Junkies

T as Subversive Activity

my lips against another's


sex & music

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