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Last Online: Over a month ago
Last Online: Over a month ago
Who am I?
I am a sweet girl, 26 years old.. and I am here to show u how a girl can be sweet and naughty in the same time... :)
Why I'm Here
because here I can have the oportunity to meet many and different interesting peoples in the world and enjoy every minute :)
I love to be with people and with good sense of humor... and.. of course... that like to share their playful mind with me :)
rude people that doesn´t know how treat a woman like me.. and the guys that have fun with me and leave me without say things like "thank you" or "good bye"... I DON'T LIKE ALSO PEOPLE WHO ARE SNOBBY AND THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE
My Favorite Things
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My Favorite Food:

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black and white



tea and water

rock (pearl jam )

confessions of a Shopaho



me on top

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