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With tens of millions of registered members, and millions of customers visiting every day, many iFriends webcam models have generated more than one million dollars in business, attaining "iFriends Millionaire" status*. While it takes tremendous effort, skill, talent and determination to reach such a challenging milestone, "Success is as Success does". So, in the richest spirt of online community, many webcam models graciously share these unsolicited "Success Stories" as encouragement to those who want to make the most of the iFriends opportunity.

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* Note: Some webcam models have earned multiple million$ .... making them, literally, iFriends MultiMillionaires. All testimonials are unsolicited. Webcam models received no financial compensation or incentive for sharing their story with you.

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“Congratulations and Thank you, iFriends!”  Read More

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“Everybody has their own sexual dream...”  Read More

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“Lifetime Opportunity”  Read More

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“What is iFriends for me? A miracle!”  Read More

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“iFriends gave me the opportunity to become a grand tourist.”  Read More

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“Thank you for giving me the oportunity to be a part of iFriends family”  Read More

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“I have been with iFriends for almost 11 years nows..”  Read More

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“Being a host has changed my life completely.”  Read More

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“Thanks to iFriends almost all my dreams came true.”  Read More

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“It was the iFriends income that saved me from the fall in the economy.”  Read More

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“This is an amazing job I enjoy meeting a lot of new people from all around the world.”  Read More

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“I now spend my holidays in the most beautiful places on earth.”  Read More

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“I am so lucky to not only be an older gal but an older woman who enjoys the success of this wonderful site!”  Read More

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“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to have a great time on the iFriends platform!”  Read More

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“iFriends also has been a big part of my financial success. Thanks again!”  Read More

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“I am thankful every day for what you and this site have done for me and so many others!”  Read More

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“You are the best site ever!!!”  Read More

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“I am very proud to be who I am and proud to be here on iFriends”  Read More

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“i just wanted to say thank u for everything!”  Read More

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“Thanks iFriends! Things have been great for the last 2 years and I look for many more to come!”  Read More

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“Thank you iFriends for all you do and have done for me!”  Read More

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“iFriends is a place I can call 'My Second Family!'”  Read More

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“I couldn't imagine my life without iFriends!”  Read More

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“I could never think of my life the way it is now without thinking of you!”  Read More

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“Thank You iFriends For Making My Dreams Come True!”  Read More

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“I'm absolutely thrilled to be a small part of the iFriends family!”  Read More

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“Thank you iFriends for making my dreams come true and my life better!”  Read More

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